Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"The Time Has Come..."

Back in September of 2010, I managed to find a group of people in the local 501st Garrison who were interested in playing Star Wars Saga Edition, and who I was interested in running a game for.  I've been in the Legion since 2006, and it ws always a delicate dance of bringing up Star Wars Gaming; you never know what you're going to find when you broach the subject. In spite of the fact we all dress up like bad guys from Star Wars, the Legion draws folks from all walks and backgrounds, and not everyone is as "supportive" of gamer nerds.

With this new found (or forged) group of gamers, we set off on a grand adventure in the Clone Wars era.  Three clone troopers, one verpine Jedi, and one overly large togorian teenager who aspired to be a pirate.  Many adventures were had in the backdrop of the Clone Wars.  Called the "Brothers in Arms" campaign, the group grew, and faced new challenges.  One of the clone troopers turned out to be a clone of Sifo Dias, the Jedi who initially ordered the clone army in the first place.  That discovery changed the tone, and some of the party dynamics.

During a break in the game, one of the other clone troopers decided to switch over to a Bith Jedi.  Another change, another adjustment.  The game shifted slightly too, with characters starting to see the world in more shades of grey, and that the Republic, while worth fighting for, was also not without it's corruption.

Finally, last night, while finishing off the last of the other Syfo Dias clones in a secrect cloning facility on Kamino, the clone troopers in the party received a call that has been anticipated since day one of the campaign. 

"Execute Order 66"

Instantly, the other clone troopers (NPCs) accompanying them turned on the Jedi and opened fire.  Two clone troopers NPCs who the heroes had known since day one of the game and grew to like in a "Rosencrants and Guildenstern" sort of manner turned on each other.  One followed orders, and the other resisted his training and followed his heart, killing his counterpart for the PCs.  The PCs got to take down an overly harsh clone commander who has also been in their hair since the beginning.  His death was much less tragic, and much more celebrated.

The clone troopers themselves sided with their fellow PCs, not really understanding why the order was given, or what went wrong.  All they know now is that they are on Kamino, with several hundred thousand clone troopers between them and their ship, and in the company of two fugitives with "kill on sight" orders hanging over their heads.

The game has changed, and it was a welcome and highly anticipated change.

The only downside was that my text message in the middle of combat to the two clone trooper PCs that read "Execute Order 66" only got to one of them.  It slightly derailed the drama, but only slightly.  A tip to enjoy tech when it works, but don't rely on it without a back up.

And Nick?  Time to get a new phone, buddy.  The one you have is unreliable...

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