Thursday, April 14, 2016

Decisions, Decisions - What to do with a buffet of projects?

I find myself in an odd situation. I've got a lot of projects that need to be worked on, but I'm having trouble settling on what to work on. Not really writer's block as much as "writer's distraction".  The other issue is that this blog falls into that category; I should be writing meaningful posts to the blog, but sometimes I'm just not working on anything that is of interest (or in my mind isn't of interest) to anyone outside of my play group.  Or outside of my head, in some cases.

Maybe an exercise is needed to clear my plate; see what I've got on my mind and go from there.

Savage Rifts 

Supposedly, Kevin Siembedia finally unclenched enough to allow another company to take his Flagship setting and adapt it to their system (because the Palladium system is SO stable and fun to play). Pinnacle Entertainment Group, makers of Savage Worlds, will be kicking off their Kickstarter for "Savage Rifts" on the 26th.  I'm going to be watching this with guarded interest. I like the Rifts setting, or at least I think I do. I also liked X-Force at the time, so what do I know? I'll check it out, see if it's worth backing. The problem is that Palladium Books is still going to be part of it, and their last kickstarter hadn't completely gone well for those backers (Robotech Tactics). Maybe it'll fail, and maybe I'll have a non-FFG system game to bring to the next GamerNationCon. We'll see.

Star Wars: Relics 

My new Wednesday night game, via Roll20. Thoughts and feedback I can give about the Roll20 Edge of the Empire API; it's fun, but it's a little more involved on my side of the street. The embedded character sheets allow a player to go to a skill, or a weapon, and click a d20 emblem and have the program toss the dice for them. The difficulty can be set via the GM's "Dice Pool" window, with me adding or subtracting boost dice, setback dice, upgrades, downgrades, increases, decreases, you get the idea. I think the PCs can do that too on their side. The way I ran it last time; I set up all of the modifiers and difficulties and the PCs just hit "roll".  Next time I might try it by just calling out the modifiers, and leaving it to the PCs to set it up on the rollers on their end.  That could work.

Star Wars: Another Longshot

The game has been going on for a bit more than a year now.  PCs have earned (on average) about 300 XP. The plot has moved in directions and I feel like I've got a grasp on the interests of the party. I think it's high time I get the real plot going; it's been a lot of set-up and background work thus far. I need to hit both parties with what's really been going on in the Hagen Sector behind the scenes.  There's been a threat forming and it's time for them to come out of the shadows and drop the hammer on someone.

The game hasn't gone where I envisioned, nor where I wanted it to, but that's okay. It's sort of gone where I pessimistically expected it to, with neither team wanting much to do with the other. Could be a PC familiarity issue; some of the most objectionable voices to the other side are those who don't know the players personally.Then again, some of that is just attributable to how the plot developed, how the background universe is aligned, and how words and deeds have colored the views of the other group.

I still enjoy running each group, and I will continue to do so. I just don't know if very many crossover-games are in the cards going forward, either in this campaign or the next one.

Fallout 4

I'd be a little remiss if I didn't talk about the video game I'm most actively playing at the moment.

So Fallout has released the open beta for it's new Survival Mode; and it's pretty serious. No fast travel, reduced carry weight, the need to balance sleep, food, water, rads, and disease management. Bullets have weight now, and everything a lot more lethal.  So much so that when I tried to take on the Deathclaw in Concord, it killed me in one shot. While wearing power armor. Which forced me to reload to a save about an hour earlier, because you can only now save when you sleep. No saving just before you start something dangerous.

It's very lethal, and is sort of fun to play on a masochistic level, but it's not for me. I don't have the time such a run would take, having to travel everywhere in-play. There are methods of faster travel in the game, but they're deep into the storyline.  And I don't want to micro-manage my character to the point required to enjoy the game.  Hell, my toon got insomnia and nearly died of thirst because I was so busy crafting in Sanctuary! Not for me, I'll stick with playing on Normal Mode and leave survival Mode for folks who have the time.

The Next Campaign

I've been gathering ideas for a while now for "Phil's Next Game"; I've been jotting down "important facts" and "inspirational words" for a few months now.  For more than a year, I've been acquiring miniatures I'll want for certain characters, certain enemies. Certain elements. Things I've read about elsewhere that stuck a chord in my head as something I'd like to explore in a game. Here's a smattering:
  • Fortress Cities - Less Arcology like Chi-Town in Rifts, more "walled city" like Dominion's Vegas 
  • Laws of Magic - Like in the Dresden Files
  • Ruling Council of Wizards - Also like the Dresden Files
  • Illithids - Reaper Minis makes these awesome Chronoscope figures called Bathalians; pretty freaky alien/mindflayer/zerg things. I think I want to use them in the campaign as an invasion force of some sort.
  • Dragons - Inspired by Eberron, dragon alignments will not matter. Instead any "color" can be good or evil.
  • Giants - If In include these guys, I think I'd use them as "relative giants", as opposed to 20-50' tall humans. Make them 9-10' tall, they'd certainly be giants, relative to humans, but I don't have to invent reasons for Giant-sized buildings.
  • Power Armor - Because POWER ARMOR, dammit!
There are other points I've written down too, but they're more "plot revealing" that I'm willing to share here.  Quite likely I could get away with running this idea as a Rifts game (possibly even with Savage Rifts, above), but when I include what I want to do and why, it makes Rifts more and more of a poor fit.

Still shopping around for a system to run it in. I have just about everything I'd need to run it for Savage Worlds, but SW isn' interesting to me. I kinda want something that has hit points, and SW doesn't.  Not that it's a dealbreaker, just that it's something to factor in.  SW may actually let me do more of what I want as far as advancement and character options go; it really opens things up, with no "levels" or "caps".

Star Wars does that better, in my opinion, and I love the system, but it is definitely designed for a Star Wars setting.  Trying to convert the SW RPG to it is doable (as was evident down in Texas with Fallout), but I'd probably want to revamp the Magic/Force system. Plus I'd need to rewrite a few things.

FATE is right out. I like everything about the FATE system and concept except the actual die rolling.

I could do what Jay Little has done, run another system stock standard and just roll some Boost and Setback dice into the mix. Use them to create narrative elements. That's a possibility.

I dunno, like I said; still hunting.

LARPing Approaching

I've got the first session of Crossover starting in 2 weeks or so. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm running out of time to get my air-brush skills up to scratch, or even started really.  This weekend looks like a great weekend to get some painting done for the Nerf blasters I've got commissions for, and to finish up a couple enhancements to my own.

Should be fun. Hopefully I'll expound about it in a few weeks.

I think this helped a little, getting things out of my head.  Definitely needed it.

We'll see how the week goes.

May the dice be with you.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

4DoGG; Because 3DoGG Wasn't Awesome Enough

Well week ago I was kicking off the first module in my schedule at GamerNationCon. I had a wonderful time down in Denton, gaming with the Gamer Nation at Dallas Games Marathon for what may be the last time (not as ominous as that statement sounds, but more on that later). The con was exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, and exceptional. Everyone brought their "A Game", their best attitude, and their awesomeness. Attending was a great way to cap off my "March Vacation" and made me feel like all the work I'd done for it for the last few months were worthwhile.

The Con

I said this last year, and I'm going to say it again; this con is the best gaming con I've ever been to.  Small, intimate, with a lot of gaming to be had. RPGs, board games, dice games, panels; you name it, they got it. And with 150 people attending you feel like you know everyone within a day and that they rate at the very least as "drinking buddy" by the end of the con. All of the alumni of Gamer Nation Studios and their comrades threw an awesome con; GM Chris, GM Dave, TG, Brev, Bradshaw, Tim, Kat, Hudson; hats off to all of them for knocking this con out of the park.

It was great to get to talk with Star Wars Saga Edition and D&D 5E Developer Rodney Thompson (and welcome him into the Rebel Legion for those efforts), and to hang with Christopher West from Maps of Mastery; both of them were the Convention Guests of Honor. Chris got to sit in on my Hunt for the White Spring module, and saw how much his maps make running my con-modules a snap.

Con Friends are odd friends; guys and gals that you see once a year, maybe twice if you're lucky. I had a few come back, like Sam, Keith, and Sterling; it was awesome seeing those guys again and hanging with them. I made a few new ones this year, and hope we're all able to make it back in 2017.

Knights of the Rebellion (or Cliffhangers Rule)

I ran two modules at GNC2016 for Star Wars; the Guns of Nova Rain and The Hunt for the White Spring. Each got run once, back to back on Thursday and Saturday. Both modules have "Knight-level" PCs; they have +150 earned XP for Nova Rain, and +180XP for White Spring.

In the Guns of Nova Rain, the PCs are an elite Rebel Strike team sent to Makeb to climb a 2km tall mesa and disable or destroy a trio of cannons that prevent the Rebel's 5th Army from being extracted. This was the 5th and 6th times this module was run, and in both instances the PCs did something no previous team had done. The 5th run utilized the vehicles in the base to take out the guns, and the 6th run blew the entire goddamn mesa apart "somehow" (there's a chance you may play it in the future, so I'm not going to give away how that can be accomplished).

In the sequel, The Hunt for the White Spring, the PCs are racing against the clock to find a lost Jedi Cruiser from the Clone Wars laden with lost treasures from the Jedi Order. Three of the PCs from the Nova Rain team return (well, four actually, but one is an NPC in this module), along with 3 new ones; two Force Sensitives built from Force and Destiny careers and an Ace Pilot who used to fly Consular-class Jedi Cruisers during the war (not Force Sensitive, just a damn good pilot). The adventure has twists, turns, a Mad Max style chase, and a seemingly fun encounter at the end where half the group has to deal with a stowaway while the rest try to outrun an Imperial Light Cruiser.  I only got to run this one twice, and both times the groups highly enjoyed the experience.

And I even teased next year's module and left my White Springs players in a cliffhanger.  Coming to Gamer Nation Con 4 in 2017; Revenge of the Jedi, the final chapter of the Knights of the Rebellion story arc.

Edge of the Wasteland (or Did The Minutemen Send You?)

I ran my Edge of the Wasteland module four times during the con; three scheduled times and one late night run from 10pm to 2am. Everyone...EVERYONE played their character masterfully. Gotta admit that the Saturday night run was my favorite; it was for the five Patreon backers of D20 Radio with Sam Stewart from FFG as the sixth. Even so, not a single run went poorl, everyone had a good time, and I hope I gave Sam a different perspective on the potential of the system he helped create.

Nod to my Local Legion(s) CO Erich who recorded the audio interludes and news reports for Vault 20 Radio, they worked well, my friend. 

Artemis (or Why the Hell Haven't We Done This Before?)

Okay, local peoples; why the hell haven't we done this before?! Artemis Bridge Simulator; you get together with 5+ friends with laptops, a big TV and a computer to act as a server, and frikkin' BE A BRIDGE CREW. Captain, helmsman, fire control, engineering, comms, science, engineering, even fighters! Go blow up attacking fleets, protect freighters and space stations, mind the black holes and asteroids, HAVE FUN!  I finally got to do two hour-long missions, and it was a blast. 

And it's fun having Rodney Thompson and Sam Stewart as members of your bridge crew.

(And for the love of god and the last time; HEADING ZERO THREE ZERO, NOT THREE ZERO know who you are)  ;)

Fallout - The RPG (or Please Don't Sue Me, Bethesda & FFG...)

Folks have asked me (many folks have asked me) if I'll be making the house rules I used available for the general populace. Yes, I will be; the only question is "when?" I need to get some stuff done in April, so May is looking like the soonest I'll have time to get the stuff down into some decent, shareable pdf format. Races, career recommendations, equipment, scavenging, crafting, and adversaries; these are all things I want to refine before release. Come to think of it, I might release in sections; section one will be character creation and some basic gear. Section two will be Adversaries. Section three will be advanced gear, crafting, and scavenging. Yeah, that's a good sequence to do it in.

I just want to make sure I do it right so I (nor anyone else) gets into any trouble.

GamerCred (or GamerNationCon Merit Badges)

GamerNationCon has a "game within a game" that runs from convention to convention, the accumulation of GamerCred pins for various feats of nerdity and geeky milestones.  You can see the entire list here, at least the most recent "active" list.  Many pins have retired, and assuredly some of these will retire too.

You can use GamerCred for a variety of things; the most common is to get early access to event registration. But even at the Con folks are able to get stuff or participate in certain events. I think this year was the first time GamerCred could get you free bottled water.

The one goal I set for myself when I got to GNC this year was to finally earn the Iron GM pin. To earn it, you have to run 30+ hours of RPGs. This was feasible this year. Last year when GNC was only 3 days, it was much less so. The con opens at noon on Day 1, 9am to 2pm every other day, and the last day you only have until 2pm because the con ends and the auction starts. To earn it last year, you would pretty much be running games from open to close and have to have someone bring you food.

This year, they added an extra day and didn't increase the hours needed to earn Iron GM. Thursday and Friday I ran two games, ran three on Saturday, and one on Sunday. They were 4 hours each. 8x4=32.  30+ hours of running role playing games = Iron GM Phil. Achievement Unlocked, pin earned.

I actually ended up with something like +80 GamerCred over last year, meaning up at about 140 GamerCred. I don't really have to worry about needing early event registration; I think I'm one of the largest  contributors to the Event list. Still, it's all about your cred, right?

The GNC Auction (or The First Hit is "Free")

During GamernationCon, you earn XP for playing in events. Usual rate is 10xp per hour of gaming. The reason you want XP is to use that XP to bid and buy things during the GamerNationCon Auction, held at the end of the con. Many, many folks will pool XP to be able to bid on some highly-sought-after items, like the special GamerCred pin that's worth 100 GamerCred. Bidding can get pretty intense and fun

The swag someone can walk away with is not insignificant. Game Companies have donated a swath of product to the Con. Rodney donated a 5th Edition Players Handbook and a copy of his Waterdeep game. FFG sent down a bunch of books and games, including the newly released Special Modifications and a core set for Armada. Chris West donated his entire printed collection as one item up for bid, and I think it went for over 800 xp. A Professional painter from Reaper Miniatures who loves doing Star Wars conversions of his company's minis.

Thanks to Jon Steven and Eric Benders, my brother an I were able to snag all three converted minis and the Armada core set. Sam Stewart helped us get the last of the three painted minis; the Miralukan Sith Marauder. He had a caveat for me though; I have to bring a module next year that features her as the BBEG.

Challenge Accepted.

GNC Episode 4: A New Hope

Sadly, the Boys gave us some bad news at the end of the con. Dallas Games Marathon is losing it's lease at the end of the year. They're not sure where or even if they'll be able to move to another location that would allow them to continue their business model. At this time, the fate of Gamer Nation Con 2017 is uncertain, but the Event Organizers have Hope that it will work out. So in about a year, we'll be descending on the Dallas Forth Worth area somewhere to get together and game with the great Gamer Nation at GamernationCon 4: A New Hope.


I'll miss DGM. It's a hell of a place.  A hundred foot wall of boardgames, practically everything a board game geek would want to play, all for free. Massive rooms for table games and rpgs. A back room fit for an Artemis bridge and allows folks to watch the fun. And a 7/11 right out front. It was perfect. If I never play there again, I'll pour one out for DGM next year.

If you can make it to GNC 2017, go. Please. You won't have a bad time. You'll game the most you've ever gamed at any con; yes, even GenCon. You'll hang out with folks from the industry.

Big thanks to my buddy and Legionnaire Brother, GM Chance, for allowing my brother and I to crash at his place.  Thanks, Chris!

Finishing Moves

So, what now, now that GNC 3: Beyond Thunderdome is in the bag.  I'm back to working on Another Longshot as my main game. The house that hosts one of the groups just made a table insert that's a 32" flatscreen TV, so we can throw pdfs of maps onto it and scale it up for 1" minis. That should be fun to play with. I'm also working on my Roll20 game's first story arc, the Swords of Tython. I've got some special interest in the Swords of Tython story because I might turn that into the next adventure arc for my GamerNationCon modules after I finish up the Knights of the Rebellion storyline.

April is also going to be a month where I refine and finish up my preparations for my return to LARPing. Getting my character Gatewalker ready for Crossover will be high on my mind; I've got some armor detail to finish, several blasters to paint, and I have to learn how to use an airbrush for doing my make up.

It'll be fun, and I'll be sharing it all here.

Oh, and I'll be finishing off Year 40 this month. It wasn't a bad year.  Let's hope Year 41 will be even better. 

May the dice be with you.

Rebel Legion Members and Honorary Members at GNC 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Gamer Nation Con: The Pre-Game - Fallout: Edge of the Wasteland

My third and final module this week, Fallout: Edge of the Wasteland.   I got to playtest this module and have made some changes to it, but for the most part I think it's ready to go. 

Here are the PCs that are wandering this particular corner of the Wasteland.

Artie Drake, Male Vaultdweller from Vault 66 

Charismatic, talkative, personable, but his big mouth got him assigned to a Wasteland Scouting Mission by the Overseer. Cunning and agile, he’s almost as good with a laser pistol as he is with his silver tongue. He was told not to come back until he “made contact with another vault” or “found something really useful”.

Hearing about Vault 20 on his Pipboy’s radio, he and his sister traveled south in hopes of finding it.

Features: Artie's talents lie in his natural Charm. When that fails, he's pretty handy with a laser pistol. Be sure to use Inspiring Rhetoric to help allies and Disarming Smile to hinder foes.

Gwen Drake, Female Vaultdweller from Vault 66\ 
Technician/Outlaw Tech

Rough and burly in spite of her size, always looking out for her younger brother. Smart and strong, she’ll use her wrench to fix a generator or to bash the head of a feral ghoul. She elected to be exiled with her brother because “there’s no way he’d survive out there by himself, nevermind find something useful…”

She is reluctant to go investigate a vault that is supposedly a refuge for ghouls and super mutants, but if this means she can keep her brother safe as he completes his “quest”, she has little choice in the matter.

Features: With her mechanics as high as it is, look for opportunities to utilize it in any given encounter. Scrounge for parts or items when you can. She's a good melee combatant, and could really ring someone's bell if she's able to hit with both her wrench and her Ripper chain-sword.

Natasha Stone, Female Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel 
Bounty Hunter/Gadgeteer

A part of Paladin Danse’s expeditionary recon team to the Commonwealth. Her squad was sent west to investigate the ruins of two of the largest universities outside of Boston; Worcester Polytechnical College and the Commonwealth University at Amherst. Her team found that Worcester received a direct strike from a nuclear bomb and was reduced to a radioactive crater.  As they left the ruins of Worcester, the team was attacked by a mated pair of deathclaws. Only the Paladin and the team scribe survived, and the Paladin did not leave unscathed. One of the Deathclaws breached her helmet and put out her right eye.

Determined to continue their mission, they elected to soldier on.  Hearing about the broadcast from Vault 20, they proceeded north to investigate. Stone is agile and has an intimidating presence. She operates a T-45b suit of Power Armor with a compromised helmet, damaged in the same attack that took her eye. 

Features: Stone's greatest asset is her power armor, but her strong will and ability to intimidate others is an asset too. She is absolutely deadly with her laser rifle, and would be more so if she wasn't suffering a setback to most checks thanks to losing her eye.

Marvin Wright, Male Scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel 

One of the more brilliant minds in the Archive House, Marvin has a very detached view of the world.  Everything is a puzzle or something to be studied, even if doing so is likely to get him killed.  Smart and strong willed, he has a tendency to state interesting, useful, or annoying facts at any given moment in spite of any danger he or his allies may be in.

He was sent along on Knight Stone’s mission in hopes that actual field work would impress some sense of responsibility and restraint on his clinical nature.

Features: Marvin's Intellect can be a great boon in any given encounter, look for ways to leverage Knowledge skills to place the party in a stronger position. He's good with his Auto Pistol, but there are likely better weapons out there to find. Finally, his skill with computers is rather high, keep an eye out of opportunities to affect encounters in your favor with it.

Morgan Fisk, Female Ghoul Wastelander 

A wandering trader from the mid-west. Her home town was destroyed by a radicalized faction of the Children of the Atom who set off a bomb in a nearby silo.  She was the only survivor, and transformed into a ghoul as a result of the blast. Setting out on her own, she believed she could only rely on herself. Agile and sharp, she eventually found companionship with a similar social outcast and elected a begrudging, yet deepening partnership (and friendship) with Percival. The two of them were moving east towards Boston when they heard the radio transmission from Vault 20 and decided to go and investigate. Maybe they could trade for some supplies at least.

Unable to fully cope with her new condition, Morgan has become addicted to alcohol since becoming a ghoul.

Features: While not really skilled at stealth, Morgan is rather good at it thanks to her gear and her talents. With a high Cunning, she is naturally good at Deception, Perception, and Survival. She's also skilled with most weapons one can find in the wasteland. Due to her ghoulish nature, Morgan can actually heal wounds from one Radiation source, if need be.

Percival, Male Super Mutant 
Hired Gun/Marauder

Once a servant of The Master until his downfall, Percy escaped the battles against his kind in the west. Traveling alone, he happened across a comic book store and a tale about King Arthur in the year 3000 A.D. In that book, the character Percival was a human who was mutated into a giant, monstrous humanoid brute. Simple minded but still possessing a noble heart, the comic book Percival fought valiantly alongside King Arthur. Percy, feeling      an undeniable connection with the character, devoted himself to that           cause; to be a noble knight and fight against the evils of the world.  

Meeting up with the ghoul, Morgan Fisk in his travels, the two of them have wandered near the area of Vault 20 to investigate its seeming sanctuary for all outcasts.

Features: Percival is a melee monster and a walking tank, he should be up front drawing as much attention as possible. Remember that the shield he carries is a weapon too, and using two-weapon fighting to shield bash an opponent can be quite a handy seat up to a bumper sword strike. Look out for challenges that are bested physically.

Gamer Nation Con 2016: The Pre Game - The Hunt for White Spring

The second of three modules I'm running this week, and the first of my new modules debuting in a few days. The Hunt for White Spring takes place after the events of The Guns of Nova Rain and deals with the possible discovery of a lost Jedi Cruiser, rumored to be laden with the treasures of several Jedi Chapter Houses. The Empire has sent an Inquisitor to recover the ship and it's artifacts from a near-dead world, and the PCs have to hop to it to find the ship.

Three characters from the Guns of Nova Rain are returning, along with three new characters.

Captain Kaspar Rejent joined the Champala Military shortly before the Clone Wars. Serving as part of the Champala Auxiliary, Rejent gained noteriety leading small squads of soldiers in engagements against the Droid Forces of the Separatists. It was during this time that his Force affinity came to light, one of the Jedi Commanders commented to Rejent that his proficency with command was being augmented by inherent Force abilities. Much to his regret, the Jedi also mentioned that he was too old to be formally trained by the Jedi.

When the Republic fell and the Jedi were wiped out, Champala became the location of a new regional academy for the Empire. The typical Imperial prejudice towards non-humans was not as prevalent on Champala, not at first anyway, but even so the Champala Armed Forces were mostly demilitarized. Rejent was moved to the Champala Imperial Academy, where he taught small unit tactics to the large number of humans who would make up the sector army.

After teaching at the academy for 15 years, and watching the Empire destroy the memory of the Republic and the Jedi by degrees with each passing year, Rejent was recruited into the Rebel Alliance by a group of Academy students. Since joining the Alliance, he has come into contact with a small group of fellow Force Sensitives, and has decided to dedicate his life to the resurrection of the Jedi Order, with a few important changes in their training, of course.

Rejent is militray, through and through. That's why the academy loved having him around, he was an exemplar of how a soldier should be during training; disciplined, by-the-book, and proper. He was placed in command of Commander Limi'r's old special forces squad when the old war horse finally retired after his last mission to Makeb. Making the squad perform at optimum efficency is his primary goal, but command is hoping that his assignment to the squad will force him to think outside the box and react on his feet, not adhere to a plan that may no longer be applicable to the situation.

Features: Warleader and Instructor. Has Field Commander as well as several talents that grant buffs to allies within Short or Engaged Range. Keep a tight formation with your allies and enjoy the benefits. Fights with a Blaster Pistol

Anexa Panteer grew up as a member of the Alderaanian nobility. With the comforts that came with her family’s money, she was free to engage in whatever pursuit attracted her fancy at any given moment. It was during her teenage years that Anexa realized she could perform extraordinary feats of athleticism without much training. Consulting with some trusted family historians and advisers, she determined that she was calling on the Force. She secretly funded several expeditions in search of Jedi artifacts and relics to learn more about her abilities.

While Anexa was away chasing down a lead on a Jedi artifact, the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. Anexa felt her friends, her colleagues, and her family die in an instant. Initially paralyzed by grief, Anexa recovered and threw herself at becoming a Jedi. She found a holocron and learned to harness the power of the Force to seek Justice against the Empire. Hearing that her fellow survivor, Princess Organa, was a member of the Rebel Alliance along with many other orphans of Alderaan, Anexa joined the Rebellion.

Since the destruction of her homeworld, Anexa has become very protective of anything or anyone from Alderaan. Now that so little remains of her homeworld, she will go to great lengths and personal danger to preserve anything from it.

Anexa is pleased that more Force Users have been found, and have joined the alliance. She has struck up a fast friendship with Femi-Ka-Korrot, with each teaching the other more and more about lightsaber combat. She's not sure about Rejent, and wonders if his ideas on a "Jedi Military" is something she'd support in a new Jedi Order.

Features: Shien Expert with the Enhance Force Power. Able to reflect blaster fire back at her attackers, and Force leap great distances as a Maneuver. Fights with a lightsaber.

Femi-Ka-Korrot was a student in one of the Jedi Chapter Houses in the Outer Rim when the Clone Wars began. He was a puzzle to his masters; strong in the Force but was a problem student. It's not that he was lazy, it simply was that he had little interest in the full curriculum of his training. Femi liked making things, high tech things; possibly a side effect of his youth on the relatively low-tech world of Cerea. He'd spend all the time he could neglecting his other studies and instead fidgeting with computers and mechanical items around the Chapter House. His performance in physical tests were subpar, and his skill with a lightsaber was barely sufficient.
When no master came forward willing to teach him formally, Femi-Ka-Korrot was discharged from the Jedi Order and assigned to the Jedi Explorer Corps. This actually was fine with Femi; now he could pursue his interests in relative peace. Then the Clone Wars ended and the Empire rose. Suddenly, he and his fellow Corpsmen were hunted down by the Empire and either killed or pressed into service. Femi and his corpsman Bayala Orest outran the Empire for almost a decade, living in the Outer Rim as transient workers, trading their technical skill for passage on freighters or berths on space stations. Eventually the Empire found them, and Bayala was captured. With no chance of rescuing her, Femi was forced to run.

Surviving on his own for the next ten years, Femi relied on his own skill and expertise. The Empire had done a very good job of killing off the Jedi Order and discrediting them. They also did a good job oppressing the galactic populace, something that he couldn't abide. Femi wants to use his talents and discoveries to make the galaxy a better place, but first someone has to fix the galaxy and get rid of the Empire. Femi eventually got in contact with the Rebel Alliance to offer his mechanical services. Since joining, he's been transfered to a Special Forces squad to go on a very important recovery mission.

Features: Artisan and Soresu Defender. High Intellect, high Mechanics. Has Imbue Item and a small smattering of Lightsaber talents. Be sure to use Imbue Item on self or allies to grant serious benefits. Fights with a lightsaber.

Merci Blaise seemingly has flown it all; snubfighters, transports, gunships, capital ships, airspeeders, you name it. Eventually she settled on piloting light cruisers for the Republic Navy. Her superiors marveled at her ability to make the large craft dance around Separatist ships twice their size, and her knack for squeezing every possible bit of performance out of the warships. Blaise never wanted a command of her own, which was fine by her superiors. Not only would such a move pull a talented pilot off the helm, but Blaise has a problem relating to people in a civil manner. She's very blunt and direct, and not very approachable on a social level.

Blaise served with the clone forces of the Republic until the end of the Clone Wars. When the Republic fell and the Empire was established, Blaise became a very outspoken opponent to the Empire. She advocated that the Jedi were not the murdering traitors they were being painted as, and that the Empire was a poor shadow of the Republic she swore an oath to. Her vocal tirades came to the attention of her superiors, and to the newly formed COMPNOR. Blaise was labeled as a troublemaker, accused of several trumped up charges of dissidence, and dishonorably discharged from the Imperial Navy.

Recruited early on by the Rebel Alliance, Blaise has worked hard as a transport pilot, deftly landing troops into hot zones with precision and breaking Imperial Blockades with barely a scratch to her ship. She was recently assigned to a special forces squad sent to retrieve a lost Jedi Cruiser. Her familiarity with those ships makes her an invaluable addition to the team, especially if it turns out that the ship is intact and spaceworthy.

Features: Ace Pilot with high ranks in Piloting and Gunnery. Has the Dead to Rights and Full Throttle talents. Fights with a pair of Blaster Pistols.

Meteo Qulon was raised on Balmorra, where she was expected to follow the family tradition and join the army. Even before the Empire, the Qulons have served in the Balmorran military for generations. There were no indications that Meteo would be any different, she was tough and pushed herself to be in the best physical shape possible. She never backed down from a challenge, and seemed to soak up her father’s urging to always win, and always prevail. She would get into fights at the Academy, which her father would beam at when she found out she won. The reason Meteo fought seemed to escape him, however; Meteo got into fights protecting non-human classmates from human bullies.

The night before Meteo was to report for Stormtrooper Basic Training, one of her classmates told her that he made contact with the Rebel Alliance, and he was leaving to join them. Knowing that many of her alien friends were doing the same, and that her training class would include many of the bullies she beat up over the years, she left Balmorra to join the Alliance.

Meteo believes in the strength of diversity the Alliance was founded on. She knows that her squad’s weaknesses are diminished by the ethnic variety of the group. She became a medic to help keep her team in the fight, and uses her firearms to protect them as much as her stimpacks.

Features: Heavily armored and armed Medic. Has several ranks of Stimpack Specialization as well as the Characteristic-enhancing Stim Application. Fights with a Repeating Blaster Rifle. Should use Stim Application at least once during every encounter.

Koron “Kory” Vida grew up on Ryloth where he watched the Empire turn a blind eye to the Hutts slave trade. When most of his family was sold into slavery by his corrupt uncle, Kory stowed away on a freighter to escape a similar fate. His youthful charm endeared him to the captain when he was discovered, and he accompanied the Captain for a few years, growing up on the Outer Rim spacelanes.

Kory had waking dreams of an orange fiery bird, but never thought much of it. Eventually, Kory heard about the Rebel Alliance and saw their emblem and knew it was no coincidence. He joined the Alliance as an infantry trooper and due to his size, natural charisma, and enthusiasm became the favored mascot and kid brother

of every unit he was assigned to. Kory is used to this “beloved” status he has with his team, even though everyone still treats him like a kid. It’s certainly better than the alternative.

Kory is seen as a good-luck charm in many regards. His personnel file is littered with instances of unbelievable survival and remarkable luck. Kory gets flashes of things to come, strong hunches of danger and has uncanny luck. He knows when attacks are coming, been in explosions that miraculously left him unscathed, and his teammates proclaim that they perform better when he’s in the field with them. Whether by luck, circumstance, or something more, the Force is apparently with Kory.

With the departure of two of his old squadmates, Kory is enjoying the fact that he's now a squad "veteran", even though he's still happy to take on the role of "favored mascot".

Features: Force Sensitive Emergent/Sharpshooter with the Foresee Force power. Able to enhance the Initiative Rolls of self and allies. Fights with a blaster rifle.