Monday, April 30, 2012

Flashy: Phase Three-Flash and Function

A little more work tonight, a little bit further.

First thing I worked on today was filling in the gaps in the recessed section of the trapezoid and in the indents along the barrel.  I used cut-outs from a very thin sintra sign, trimmed and fir them to place, and hot-glued them where they needed to be.

Next part is placing the end cap on Flashy.  Eventually I'll be layering on some bondo and smoothing out a sloping cone from the barrel to the width of the endcap, but first I need to make the end cap.  I cut little lengths of sintra and glued them around the inside of the pipe.  I glued on this black end-cap pipe that came with a set of shelves I had, and it made a perfect seat for the end cap, the cap to an old pill bottle.  The pill bottle cap actually works out well, because Flashy has all these indents at almost the exact spacing and shape as the pill bottle cap.

 I also cut some details into the trapezoid, the little "keyhole" marks.

Finally, I made the "clip" out of another piece of thicker sintra.  Trimmed it down to the right shape, glued it into place at the butt end of the grip, and it's good to go.

This thing is really starting to come together.

Time to make the trigger.  After dremmeling out a recess in the frame for the trigger, I cut the basic shape of the trigger out of sintra.

The trigger fits well, and looks pretty good.  I may afix the trigger into place, or I may mold it as a separate piece. I'm not sure at this point.

Things are definitely starting to come together for Flashy.  I really like the look and the feel of the pistol.

The next task will be the tricky one; I'll be taking a stab at Bondo.  I need to create the bevel from the barrel width to the end-cap width, and fill in the trapezoid a bit.  After that it's all about finding a few detail pieces, and hopefully getting it ready to resin cast.

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