Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flashy Build: Conceptual Artwork

In my opinion, a great final product starts with a plan.

The gun has a few angles, but I don't think they're too drastic that they can't be worked with.

I didn't draw the scope on the side view, it's something I'll probably do on it's own.

Now I just need to dissect the shapes and figure out how to make the component parts. I'm thinking of 1/2" MDF for the basic shape of the gun.  The center barrel will be a 1.5" PVC pipe, with a 2" end cap piece.  I'll need to find a good funnel to cut up and make the bridge between the two diameters of pipe.

I could leave the Trapezoid-box hollow, and run electronics through it.  There are LED lights on the side and the front, including the smaller "barrel", that are all the same color of the crystal loaded in the gun.

Plot and plan.  Plot and Plan.

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