Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flashy Things are the Best

So I think it's time I start to figure out this whole "prop making" thing.  Lord knows I'm surrounded by enough of a creative community.

I think it's best if I start small-ish.  The last time I had the idea to do this, it was to make a Clone Trooper long rifle (DC-15A for those in the know) for use on a vaccuform table.  That's a 54" long weapon, to be molded in 3 segments, 2 halves each.  I don't know what I was thinking that day.

The next was to try to make the Laser Pistol from Fallout 3, and that was just overly complex.

I want to try to make a gun, one that can be resin cast and duplicated.  Possibly with space in it for having LEDs and maybe sounds.

I keep seeing one certain blaster in Star Wars The Old Republic.  Known by many names, the one it may be best known as is "Flashy".  It's a pistol given to the Smuggler by Corso Riggs at the end of the Ord Mantel story arc.

I like the look of it, it's simple yet interesting, and it actually can be further modded out.  I've seen models with longer barrels on it, although I can't find an image of it online.

So here's what I'm going to try.  the plan is to make a master out of wood and then pour a resin mold around it.

Just getting some images here to act as a reference for wherever I start to work on it.

Probably going to have to mold the scope separately.

So yeah, something to work on in my copious amounts of free time. 

Right along side my Rifts Conversion, my Podcasts, my campaigns, finishing my Jedi Shadow, trying not to start my Jedi Knight, and packing my damn house up for a summertime move.

I'm such a smart kid.

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