Friday, October 14, 2016


 No, I haven't forgotten about this thing.

I've been taking a few days off between projects, and then got steamrolled into a few things which ate up a lot of my writing time. Things seem to be stabilizing, so I can finally get back to writing.

Most recently, I've been putting the polish on my Fallout: Edge of the Wasteland rules and adventure. It's mostly set...mostly. I'm finishing up the equipment rules, and putting some final stat blocks together.  Once that's done, it'll be added to the upcoming GamerNationCon 2017 Kickstarter as a reward for backing it.  So if you want a copy of that early, go back that Kickstarter when it begins at the end of the month.

This makes me start to think about what I want to do for GNC 2017, and what I need to do. Because of a gorgeous miniature I won thanks to help from Sam Stewart, I have to write a module that features a dual-wielding female Dark Sider as the villain. I can do that. I also promised that I'd be bringing the third chapter of my Knights of the Rebellion series; Revenge of the Jedi. Can I work the two of them together?  Probably, I've already got ideas spinning.

But what else do I bring?  A Better Man, the same Fallout module I brought last year?  Do I write a new Fallout module? I've also been kicking around the idea of a Transformers-themed module, either using FFG's D20 OGL rules called Metamorphosis, or Chris West's Saga Edition based rules. Bringing something for Savage Rifts is appealing, too.  Do I write and bring a module for Trinary? The problem with that is context; if folks don't know the world, will they really care about the story? Plus I'd have to decide what system to run it in...

So many choices.

Then I have to figure out what to do about the first two chapters of the Knights of the Rebellion trilogy. Do I bring them?  There's only so much of me to go around, figure I've got 7 sessions in me to run; maybe 8. I have to figure that each game should get on the table twice, so unless I got someone else running the module, I can only have four modules max, three being a more likely number.

One thing I'm going to be doing, definitely; I will be running a "High Gamer Cred" session and a "Con Newbie".  Not sure what will qualify for High Gamer Cred as a limit, but I know the Con Newbie will only be open to folks who have almost no Gamer Cred; maybe 50 or less. I'll have to run it early in the Con; maybe the first session of the first day; you can rack up Cred really quickly if you try to.

Lots to ponder, lots to think about.