Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flashy: Phase One-Basic Shapes and Pistol Grips

So today I had the desire to get working on Flashy.

I copied the concept drawing I did and laid it out on 1/2" MDF board.  Taping it down and tracing over it with pencil, I got the basic body of the gun laid out.

Next step was to fire up the scrollsaw and cut out the basic body of the gun.

That leaves us with the basic shape.  From here, the gun will start to take form.

 Next part I wanted to work on was the pistol grips.  Taking a page from Volpin's ME3 Rifle build, I cut the grips out of 1/4" MDF, stacked them on top of each other, and taped them together.  Cutting them out together gave me two identical grips, one for each side.

I sanded them down, rounding out the edges, and glued one of the grips into place.

I may have jumped the gun on that one, as I may need to trim the body some more when I get to making the barrel, so I won't glue on the second grip until later.

One night of work.  Progress.

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