Friday, July 29, 2011

Update from the Rim

Greetings, true-believers.

I'm still here.  The blog has not died.  I've been distracted for a few weeks with the creation of my Earthdawn campaign

Not to jump games too much, but I've had a long, involved history with Earthdawn.  It was the game that helped me find a lot of friends when I went to college.  Back in 1993, it was one of the "Hot Games" on the market, something else to play besides D&D.  I ran about three campaigns back then, and gamed the hell out of the world until 1998 when 3rd Edition D&D came out, and that was the new "Hot Game".

Since then, my friends would occasionally try to tempt me back to Earthdawn, but I had become burnt out on the system.  You run something for years, you need a break.  That and I wasn't too impressed with what Living Room Games changed, or didn't change, when they took it over.

Now here I sit, twelve years later, putting together a campaign in a world I haven't touched for over a decade, yet feels like I'm coming home after a long trip away.  My buddies' perseverance has paid off, and I'm developing another game that has the serious potential for awesomeness.

I'm still creating for Fragments from the Rim for the Order 66 Podcast, still running Order 65, and Brothers in Arms, and still developing Another Longshot, but now for a change of pace I'll have Earthdawn too.  It will be interesting to see what Legends get told this time around.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Star Wars Miniatures: Done Sluggy

Well...I guess I was on a roll...

The Asteroid was spray painted in black primer, then added a layer of grey primer.  A healthy coating of Applebarrel "Plaid", and some spot work with GW Mud wash.

"Feed me freighters..."

Sluggy got a mix of Reapers Ochre, Reapers Purple, and Reapers Grey.  White for the highlights, Bedalb Black wash for the wrinkle stripes.

The wrinkles look a little thick, but this is a close-up shot.

His teeth were pretty easy, a stripe of black with a series of white lines and triangles.  It actually looks prett good.

Now to box it up and ship it to Texas.

GM Chris...I hope you like it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Star Wars Miniatures: Sluggy

So a while back, GM Chris of d20Radio's Order 66 Podcast posted a need for a mini.  He's running a couple games at GenCon 2011  and said he needed an Exogorth, more commonly known to Star Wars fans as "The Space Slug".  Chris asked what he could use to properly represent the strange creature, and several people gave good suggestions.

Feeling in a crafty mood, and having a minor background in "Green Stuff" putty and miniatures painting, I offered to make one for Chris.

Now, I admit, one of my problems is I procrastinate.  I think he asked about the Exogorth back in March.  And it's now July with only a few weeks left to the con.  But hey, progress.

The asteroid is a styrofoam block, cut and reshaped with a hot foam-cutter.  Sluggy is made from...of all things...a fake vegetable.  Some kind of chili-pepper, I think.  I took an inch of "Green Stuff" to smooth out the pepper to make the slug, adding in some ridges and patches to give him some character.

All he needs is to get painted and detailed and he'll be ready to go.  I'm giving myself a deadline of next Saturday to get "Sluggy" in the mail to Chris.

I hope he likes it, and I hope his players do too.