Wednesday, August 2, 2017

#RPGaDay: Day 1 and Day 2

So here's a fun thing I'll be doing for the next 31 days...

I answered these on my facebook, but figured I could expand upon them here.

1. What published RPG do you wish you were playing right now?
Savage Rifts; I had a lot of fun playing it with Darren West at GNC4. Rifts has always been a setting that I really dug in concept, but the execution has never worked well for me except those few games I ran before the system got REALLY bloated.
The setting is a lot of fun, and adds in a lot of potential. It's got human supremacist nazis, magic tyrants, vicious monsters, and horrible demons. Power armor, techno-wizards, robots, magic users, cyber-knights, cyborgs, and of course; Glitter Boys.
Savage Rifts did a good job of making the game playable. Even so, I'll likely make a Rifts Theme for Genesys...

2. What RPG would you like to see published?
If it wasn't for the fact that I wrote my own hack for it, I'd love to see a Fallout RPG make it to widespread publication (and Exodus doesn't count). Looks like Modius Entertainment has the rights to Fallout for wargaming, and I can only hope that they take their 2d20 system that they use for Mutant Chronicles, Conan, and Star Trek Adventures and make a Fallout RPG.
Still, I've got my own game setting, and am adapting it for Genesys.
This should be fun to do, especially with GenCon 50 coming up...


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