Sunday, March 27, 2016

Gamer Nation Con: The Pre-Game - Fallout: Edge of the Wasteland

My third and final module this week, Fallout: Edge of the Wasteland.   I got to playtest this module and have made some changes to it, but for the most part I think it's ready to go. 

Here are the PCs that are wandering this particular corner of the Wasteland.

Artie Drake, Male Vaultdweller from Vault 66 

Charismatic, talkative, personable, but his big mouth got him assigned to a Wasteland Scouting Mission by the Overseer. Cunning and agile, he’s almost as good with a laser pistol as he is with his silver tongue. He was told not to come back until he “made contact with another vault” or “found something really useful”.

Hearing about Vault 20 on his Pipboy’s radio, he and his sister traveled south in hopes of finding it.

Features: Artie's talents lie in his natural Charm. When that fails, he's pretty handy with a laser pistol. Be sure to use Inspiring Rhetoric to help allies and Disarming Smile to hinder foes.

Gwen Drake, Female Vaultdweller from Vault 66\ 
Technician/Outlaw Tech

Rough and burly in spite of her size, always looking out for her younger brother. Smart and strong, she’ll use her wrench to fix a generator or to bash the head of a feral ghoul. She elected to be exiled with her brother because “there’s no way he’d survive out there by himself, nevermind find something useful…”

She is reluctant to go investigate a vault that is supposedly a refuge for ghouls and super mutants, but if this means she can keep her brother safe as he completes his “quest”, she has little choice in the matter.

Features: With her mechanics as high as it is, look for opportunities to utilize it in any given encounter. Scrounge for parts or items when you can. She's a good melee combatant, and could really ring someone's bell if she's able to hit with both her wrench and her Ripper chain-sword.

Natasha Stone, Female Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel 
Bounty Hunter/Gadgeteer

A part of Paladin Danse’s expeditionary recon team to the Commonwealth. Her squad was sent west to investigate the ruins of two of the largest universities outside of Boston; Worcester Polytechnical College and the Commonwealth University at Amherst. Her team found that Worcester received a direct strike from a nuclear bomb and was reduced to a radioactive crater.  As they left the ruins of Worcester, the team was attacked by a mated pair of deathclaws. Only the Paladin and the team scribe survived, and the Paladin did not leave unscathed. One of the Deathclaws breached her helmet and put out her right eye.

Determined to continue their mission, they elected to soldier on.  Hearing about the broadcast from Vault 20, they proceeded north to investigate. Stone is agile and has an intimidating presence. She operates a T-45b suit of Power Armor with a compromised helmet, damaged in the same attack that took her eye. 

Features: Stone's greatest asset is her power armor, but her strong will and ability to intimidate others is an asset too. She is absolutely deadly with her laser rifle, and would be more so if she wasn't suffering a setback to most checks thanks to losing her eye.

Marvin Wright, Male Scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel 

One of the more brilliant minds in the Archive House, Marvin has a very detached view of the world.  Everything is a puzzle or something to be studied, even if doing so is likely to get him killed.  Smart and strong willed, he has a tendency to state interesting, useful, or annoying facts at any given moment in spite of any danger he or his allies may be in.

He was sent along on Knight Stone’s mission in hopes that actual field work would impress some sense of responsibility and restraint on his clinical nature.

Features: Marvin's Intellect can be a great boon in any given encounter, look for ways to leverage Knowledge skills to place the party in a stronger position. He's good with his Auto Pistol, but there are likely better weapons out there to find. Finally, his skill with computers is rather high, keep an eye out of opportunities to affect encounters in your favor with it.

Morgan Fisk, Female Ghoul Wastelander 

A wandering trader from the mid-west. Her home town was destroyed by a radicalized faction of the Children of the Atom who set off a bomb in a nearby silo.  She was the only survivor, and transformed into a ghoul as a result of the blast. Setting out on her own, she believed she could only rely on herself. Agile and sharp, she eventually found companionship with a similar social outcast and elected a begrudging, yet deepening partnership (and friendship) with Percival. The two of them were moving east towards Boston when they heard the radio transmission from Vault 20 and decided to go and investigate. Maybe they could trade for some supplies at least.

Unable to fully cope with her new condition, Morgan has become addicted to alcohol since becoming a ghoul.

Features: While not really skilled at stealth, Morgan is rather good at it thanks to her gear and her talents. With a high Cunning, she is naturally good at Deception, Perception, and Survival. She's also skilled with most weapons one can find in the wasteland. Due to her ghoulish nature, Morgan can actually heal wounds from one Radiation source, if need be.

Percival, Male Super Mutant 
Hired Gun/Marauder

Once a servant of The Master until his downfall, Percy escaped the battles against his kind in the west. Traveling alone, he happened across a comic book store and a tale about King Arthur in the year 3000 A.D. In that book, the character Percival was a human who was mutated into a giant, monstrous humanoid brute. Simple minded but still possessing a noble heart, the comic book Percival fought valiantly alongside King Arthur. Percy, feeling      an undeniable connection with the character, devoted himself to that           cause; to be a noble knight and fight against the evils of the world.  

Meeting up with the ghoul, Morgan Fisk in his travels, the two of them have wandered near the area of Vault 20 to investigate its seeming sanctuary for all outcasts.

Features: Percival is a melee monster and a walking tank, he should be up front drawing as much attention as possible. Remember that the shield he carries is a weapon too, and using two-weapon fighting to shield bash an opponent can be quite a handy seat up to a bumper sword strike. Look out for challenges that are bested physically.

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