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Gamer Nation Con 2016: The Pre Game - The Hunt for White Spring

The second of three modules I'm running this week, and the first of my new modules debuting in a few days. The Hunt for White Spring takes place after the events of The Guns of Nova Rain and deals with the possible discovery of a lost Jedi Cruiser, rumored to be laden with the treasures of several Jedi Chapter Houses. The Empire has sent an Inquisitor to recover the ship and it's artifacts from a near-dead world, and the PCs have to hop to it to find the ship.

Three characters from the Guns of Nova Rain are returning, along with three new characters.

Captain Kaspar Rejent joined the Champala Military shortly before the Clone Wars. Serving as part of the Champala Auxiliary, Rejent gained noteriety leading small squads of soldiers in engagements against the Droid Forces of the Separatists. It was during this time that his Force affinity came to light, one of the Jedi Commanders commented to Rejent that his proficency with command was being augmented by inherent Force abilities. Much to his regret, the Jedi also mentioned that he was too old to be formally trained by the Jedi.

When the Republic fell and the Jedi were wiped out, Champala became the location of a new regional academy for the Empire. The typical Imperial prejudice towards non-humans was not as prevalent on Champala, not at first anyway, but even so the Champala Armed Forces were mostly demilitarized. Rejent was moved to the Champala Imperial Academy, where he taught small unit tactics to the large number of humans who would make up the sector army.

After teaching at the academy for 15 years, and watching the Empire destroy the memory of the Republic and the Jedi by degrees with each passing year, Rejent was recruited into the Rebel Alliance by a group of Academy students. Since joining the Alliance, he has come into contact with a small group of fellow Force Sensitives, and has decided to dedicate his life to the resurrection of the Jedi Order, with a few important changes in their training, of course.

Rejent is militray, through and through. That's why the academy loved having him around, he was an exemplar of how a soldier should be during training; disciplined, by-the-book, and proper. He was placed in command of Commander Limi'r's old special forces squad when the old war horse finally retired after his last mission to Makeb. Making the squad perform at optimum efficency is his primary goal, but command is hoping that his assignment to the squad will force him to think outside the box and react on his feet, not adhere to a plan that may no longer be applicable to the situation.

Features: Warleader and Instructor. Has Field Commander as well as several talents that grant buffs to allies within Short or Engaged Range. Keep a tight formation with your allies and enjoy the benefits. Fights with a Blaster Pistol

Anexa Panteer grew up as a member of the Alderaanian nobility. With the comforts that came with her family’s money, she was free to engage in whatever pursuit attracted her fancy at any given moment. It was during her teenage years that Anexa realized she could perform extraordinary feats of athleticism without much training. Consulting with some trusted family historians and advisers, she determined that she was calling on the Force. She secretly funded several expeditions in search of Jedi artifacts and relics to learn more about her abilities.

While Anexa was away chasing down a lead on a Jedi artifact, the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. Anexa felt her friends, her colleagues, and her family die in an instant. Initially paralyzed by grief, Anexa recovered and threw herself at becoming a Jedi. She found a holocron and learned to harness the power of the Force to seek Justice against the Empire. Hearing that her fellow survivor, Princess Organa, was a member of the Rebel Alliance along with many other orphans of Alderaan, Anexa joined the Rebellion.

Since the destruction of her homeworld, Anexa has become very protective of anything or anyone from Alderaan. Now that so little remains of her homeworld, she will go to great lengths and personal danger to preserve anything from it.

Anexa is pleased that more Force Users have been found, and have joined the alliance. She has struck up a fast friendship with Femi-Ka-Korrot, with each teaching the other more and more about lightsaber combat. She's not sure about Rejent, and wonders if his ideas on a "Jedi Military" is something she'd support in a new Jedi Order.

Features: Shien Expert with the Enhance Force Power. Able to reflect blaster fire back at her attackers, and Force leap great distances as a Maneuver. Fights with a lightsaber.

Femi-Ka-Korrot was a student in one of the Jedi Chapter Houses in the Outer Rim when the Clone Wars began. He was a puzzle to his masters; strong in the Force but was a problem student. It's not that he was lazy, it simply was that he had little interest in the full curriculum of his training. Femi liked making things, high tech things; possibly a side effect of his youth on the relatively low-tech world of Cerea. He'd spend all the time he could neglecting his other studies and instead fidgeting with computers and mechanical items around the Chapter House. His performance in physical tests were subpar, and his skill with a lightsaber was barely sufficient.
When no master came forward willing to teach him formally, Femi-Ka-Korrot was discharged from the Jedi Order and assigned to the Jedi Explorer Corps. This actually was fine with Femi; now he could pursue his interests in relative peace. Then the Clone Wars ended and the Empire rose. Suddenly, he and his fellow Corpsmen were hunted down by the Empire and either killed or pressed into service. Femi and his corpsman Bayala Orest outran the Empire for almost a decade, living in the Outer Rim as transient workers, trading their technical skill for passage on freighters or berths on space stations. Eventually the Empire found them, and Bayala was captured. With no chance of rescuing her, Femi was forced to run.

Surviving on his own for the next ten years, Femi relied on his own skill and expertise. The Empire had done a very good job of killing off the Jedi Order and discrediting them. They also did a good job oppressing the galactic populace, something that he couldn't abide. Femi wants to use his talents and discoveries to make the galaxy a better place, but first someone has to fix the galaxy and get rid of the Empire. Femi eventually got in contact with the Rebel Alliance to offer his mechanical services. Since joining, he's been transfered to a Special Forces squad to go on a very important recovery mission.

Features: Artisan and Soresu Defender. High Intellect, high Mechanics. Has Imbue Item and a small smattering of Lightsaber talents. Be sure to use Imbue Item on self or allies to grant serious benefits. Fights with a lightsaber.

Merci Blaise seemingly has flown it all; snubfighters, transports, gunships, capital ships, airspeeders, you name it. Eventually she settled on piloting light cruisers for the Republic Navy. Her superiors marveled at her ability to make the large craft dance around Separatist ships twice their size, and her knack for squeezing every possible bit of performance out of the warships. Blaise never wanted a command of her own, which was fine by her superiors. Not only would such a move pull a talented pilot off the helm, but Blaise has a problem relating to people in a civil manner. She's very blunt and direct, and not very approachable on a social level.

Blaise served with the clone forces of the Republic until the end of the Clone Wars. When the Republic fell and the Empire was established, Blaise became a very outspoken opponent to the Empire. She advocated that the Jedi were not the murdering traitors they were being painted as, and that the Empire was a poor shadow of the Republic she swore an oath to. Her vocal tirades came to the attention of her superiors, and to the newly formed COMPNOR. Blaise was labeled as a troublemaker, accused of several trumped up charges of dissidence, and dishonorably discharged from the Imperial Navy.

Recruited early on by the Rebel Alliance, Blaise has worked hard as a transport pilot, deftly landing troops into hot zones with precision and breaking Imperial Blockades with barely a scratch to her ship. She was recently assigned to a special forces squad sent to retrieve a lost Jedi Cruiser. Her familiarity with those ships makes her an invaluable addition to the team, especially if it turns out that the ship is intact and spaceworthy.

Features: Ace Pilot with high ranks in Piloting and Gunnery. Has the Dead to Rights and Full Throttle talents. Fights with a pair of Blaster Pistols.

Meteo Qulon was raised on Balmorra, where she was expected to follow the family tradition and join the army. Even before the Empire, the Qulons have served in the Balmorran military for generations. There were no indications that Meteo would be any different, she was tough and pushed herself to be in the best physical shape possible. She never backed down from a challenge, and seemed to soak up her father’s urging to always win, and always prevail. She would get into fights at the Academy, which her father would beam at when she found out she won. The reason Meteo fought seemed to escape him, however; Meteo got into fights protecting non-human classmates from human bullies.

The night before Meteo was to report for Stormtrooper Basic Training, one of her classmates told her that he made contact with the Rebel Alliance, and he was leaving to join them. Knowing that many of her alien friends were doing the same, and that her training class would include many of the bullies she beat up over the years, she left Balmorra to join the Alliance.

Meteo believes in the strength of diversity the Alliance was founded on. She knows that her squad’s weaknesses are diminished by the ethnic variety of the group. She became a medic to help keep her team in the fight, and uses her firearms to protect them as much as her stimpacks.

Features: Heavily armored and armed Medic. Has several ranks of Stimpack Specialization as well as the Characteristic-enhancing Stim Application. Fights with a Repeating Blaster Rifle. Should use Stim Application at least once during every encounter.

Koron “Kory” Vida grew up on Ryloth where he watched the Empire turn a blind eye to the Hutts slave trade. When most of his family was sold into slavery by his corrupt uncle, Kory stowed away on a freighter to escape a similar fate. His youthful charm endeared him to the captain when he was discovered, and he accompanied the Captain for a few years, growing up on the Outer Rim spacelanes.

Kory had waking dreams of an orange fiery bird, but never thought much of it. Eventually, Kory heard about the Rebel Alliance and saw their emblem and knew it was no coincidence. He joined the Alliance as an infantry trooper and due to his size, natural charisma, and enthusiasm became the favored mascot and kid brother

of every unit he was assigned to. Kory is used to this “beloved” status he has with his team, even though everyone still treats him like a kid. It’s certainly better than the alternative.

Kory is seen as a good-luck charm in many regards. His personnel file is littered with instances of unbelievable survival and remarkable luck. Kory gets flashes of things to come, strong hunches of danger and has uncanny luck. He knows when attacks are coming, been in explosions that miraculously left him unscathed, and his teammates proclaim that they perform better when he’s in the field with them. Whether by luck, circumstance, or something more, the Force is apparently with Kory.

With the departure of two of his old squadmates, Kory is enjoying the fact that he's now a squad "veteran", even though he's still happy to take on the role of "favored mascot".

Features: Force Sensitive Emergent/Sharpshooter with the Foresee Force power. Able to enhance the Initiative Rolls of self and allies. Fights with a blaster rifle.

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