Saturday, July 9, 2011

Star Wars Miniatures: Sluggy

So a while back, GM Chris of d20Radio's Order 66 Podcast posted a need for a mini.  He's running a couple games at GenCon 2011  and said he needed an Exogorth, more commonly known to Star Wars fans as "The Space Slug".  Chris asked what he could use to properly represent the strange creature, and several people gave good suggestions.

Feeling in a crafty mood, and having a minor background in "Green Stuff" putty and miniatures painting, I offered to make one for Chris.

Now, I admit, one of my problems is I procrastinate.  I think he asked about the Exogorth back in March.  And it's now July with only a few weeks left to the con.  But hey, progress.

The asteroid is a styrofoam block, cut and reshaped with a hot foam-cutter.  Sluggy is made from...of all things...a fake vegetable.  Some kind of chili-pepper, I think.  I took an inch of "Green Stuff" to smooth out the pepper to make the slug, adding in some ridges and patches to give him some character.

All he needs is to get painted and detailed and he'll be ready to go.  I'm giving myself a deadline of next Saturday to get "Sluggy" in the mail to Chris.

I hope he likes it, and I hope his players do too.

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  1. Excellent so far. I hope it ships well. What color scheme are you looking to use?