Monday, July 11, 2011

Star Wars Miniatures: Done Sluggy

Well...I guess I was on a roll...

The Asteroid was spray painted in black primer, then added a layer of grey primer.  A healthy coating of Applebarrel "Plaid", and some spot work with GW Mud wash.

"Feed me freighters..."

Sluggy got a mix of Reapers Ochre, Reapers Purple, and Reapers Grey.  White for the highlights, Bedalb Black wash for the wrinkle stripes.

The wrinkles look a little thick, but this is a close-up shot.

His teeth were pretty easy, a stripe of black with a series of white lines and triangles.  It actually looks prett good.

Now to box it up and ship it to Texas.

GM Chris...I hope you like it.

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