Thursday, May 15, 2014

Interludes in Costuming and Game Writing

It's been a crazy week in the world of DarthGM.  My brother is getting married this coming weekend, and I'm the Best Man.  The week has been filled with travel seemingly all over New England, preparations, machinations, and execution of several surprises. 

Hopefully, all well received.


In the meantime, I've made progress on the pivotal encounter in my GenCon Module.  Two playtest sessions under my belt has led to some good data-mining and feedback on mechanics and character stats.  I'm debating going into more detail about the encounter, although I suppose it's kinda out there now as to what it is.  Still, I'll keep it "officially" under wraps for a later date.


The costuming bug has bit me again, and I've started work on utilizing those foam mats that I have taking up space in my house, purchased so many years ago for a Darth Malgus build.  Inspired by a construction thread over at the RPF, I'm starting work on my own SWTOR Jedi Knight outfit utilizing EVA Foam and Pepakura files.  With the right files, the foam, and a few layers of Plasti-dip, you can make some really impressive costumes.  A bevy of Iron Men have cropped up over the past few years, and a whole host of Specters from Mass Effect, all thanks to the skillful manipulation of those rigid-foam mats folks use to protect their floors from machining equipment and exercise contraptions.  The work is AMAZING, a lot faster than other costume making methods, and a lot cheaper too.  The amount of mileage and wear and tear they can take is much less than hard-plastic counterparts, as expected, but it's also a lot easier to make replacement parts.

I've printed out and assembled the files for the bracers for the Jedi Knight.  I'd like to make the foam bracer sometime next week, and if that works print out and assemble additional parts for construction at an upcoming Build Day.

Ideally, I'll be making the Jedi Knight to get practice with Pepakura and EVA foam construction, and repeat the process to make the Sith Acolyte.  They use almost the exact same armor templates, just that the Sith Acolyte will require the acquisition of an appropriate mask.  If I do it right, I might be able to submit the Acolyte for 501st Legion approval.


You may have noticed a theme with my sub-headers today.  I'm on Twitter now.  It's weird, and not really conducive to my usually-long-winded approach when it comes to writing out my thoughts and arguments, but it is handy to keep in touch with things.  We'll see how it affects my blog, using #FragmentsfromtheRim and #FFTR as hash-tags for this column.  Feel free to follow me over there, I'm @DarthGM.

Maybe next week, after the craziness of this week, I can finish off the Jedi Consular's team and post up their stats, and come back with revisions for the previous posts.

May the Dice be with you.

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