Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Funny Thing Happend at My Brother's Wedding

Going to be a bit of a quick post this week.  I've been having some good luck with my GenCon Module, and the playtesting of the highlight encounter.  I've actually got another test run Wednesday night with the Smuggler Companions.  Should be a hoot.

I didn't quite realize how much of a monster I made Bowdarr.  Meh, that's okay.  Risha's actually pretty obscene too with her tricked out Blaster Sniper Rifle, with mods and Jury-Rigging and Tinkering.  High damage, high accuracy, Pierce, low Crit Rating; not too shabby for an Outlaw Tech.

Armored Groom

But the big thing I wanted to talk about is another secret project I've been working on for most of the year, but couldn't talk about it because my brother reads this blog.  He got married this past weekend, and me and a few others got together and picked up a suit of Imperial Knight armor for him to finish off and get approved for the Rebel Legion.

I had some trouble working on it until the weather got decent in New Hampshire...which was sometime around the first weekend in May.  Prior to that it was either too cold or too rainy to spray paint.

It trimmed out pretty well.  I was still having problems coating the suit in three layers of Red Valspar for Plastic.  It was either so windy the paint went sideways, or a Goddamned bug would fly in front of the spray and plaster itself into the wet paint on the armor.  I had to sand and re-spray three pieces because of that, including the back-plate.  Damned bugs...

So anyway, three coats of red, and eventually will put on a coat of clear protective glossy to preserve the finish and give it a nice shine.  I ran out of time so I sort of put the armor together haphazardly and mounted it on my duct-tape dummy that I have.

It still needs the undersuit and belt.  And the cape is just the material draped over it, not really sewn into it's proper shape yet.  Still, it's progress towards getting my brother into the Rebel Legion with an Imperial Knight. 

Actually, the 501st Legion also recently approved this outfit for membership.  It's a good guy, but it's an Imperial Knight.  Got the cogs and everything.  It falls under the "TR" designation for the Flagship Eclipse Detachment (basically the place for all the Expanded Universe costumes).

Let's see how long it takes my brother to get this finished.  I'd love to see him as a Rebel Legionnaire by the end of the year.

We'll see!

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