Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness

It's been a heck of a winter.  Cold, long, bleak, seemingly endless.  Massachusetts had a blizzard on Wednesday, assuming you lived out on Cape Cod, but it still reminds me that I live in New England and the phrase "snow in May" is not as alien as one may believe up here.

This weekend was the Manchester, NH St. Patrick's Day parade.  It would have been a nice, short parade that mirrors the route of the Christmas parade.  Only during the day.  In March.  Instead of December.  At night.

Vast improvements, that.

Sadly, it was cold, rainy, and we (the Legion) didn't want to potentially ruin hundreds of dollars worth of costumes.  So we cancelled.

I planned to wear my green Jedi outfit, and my dad was to be returning to (kinda) active duty by borrowing my Scout Trooper.  We had a bit of a dress-up day this past weekend to see how it fit; it fit him better than it did me, that's for sure.  So much so that I'm going to have to pin a few things in place to make sure they stay where they need to; like the belt.  It also sparked a discussion of "I could see getting one of these".  So now we add Scout Trooper to the growing list of costumes my dad would like to do, joining the ranks of Royal Guardsman, Imperial Grand Admiral, and Tusken Raider.

I've created a monster.

GM Sam 

A notice just posted that Sam Witwer will be coming to the Boston Comic Con in August.  I'm excited, but apprehensive.  Because of my peripheral contact with him on the Order 66 podcast, and meeting him once at DragonCon, there are times where my ego thinks I've got more of a relationship with him than I actually do.  "I really feel like he's a buddy!  We're both gamers, and Star Wars Nerds, and we've been in the same guilds together online!"  Pffffft!  Means exactly as much as the value of the webpage this is posting to.  Still, it will be cool to say "hi".  Maybe Erich and I can get him to do an interview for AWRI, assuming that's still alive by then.

I also don't want to come across as a complete psycho stalker (a.k.a. "A nutter").  There's a fine line there, and I'm very cautious about not crossing it. 

Eh, I over-think things too much.  He'll show up, we'll chat or we won't. BCC will be fun regardless.

Order 65

My Order 65 campaign had another session this past weekend.  Here the PCs were able to manipulate the senate into hearing charges against Chancellor Kenobi, charges that implicated him in the murder of Chancellor Amidala twenty years previous.  Kenobi was arrested, and his former padawans attempted to rescue him.  It was a vicious fight where the PCs faced off against an Enhanced Nemesis (Kenobi), and two regular Nemesis NPCs (Master Ahsoka Tano and Satine Naberrie/Leia).  I got to see just how painful Enhanced Nemesis characters are, and what someone can do with a Force Rating of 6.  I also saw how painful lightsabers can be; the only reason Kimber's Jedi Knight lived was because she went "Old Republic" and picked up some Heavy Battle Armor and Lucas rolled well enough on a Streetwise check to locate a Cortosis weave attachment.

Good times, good times.

Just a quick update for now.  This Thursday I hope to have the first of many PC stats for my GenCon Module.

And maybe March can finally be over.

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