Thursday, March 13, 2014

And tonight; inspiration...

Right now in Texas..

Boy, does that sound foreboding....

Right now in Texas the first few games of Gamer Nation Con are being played. Some good folks are sitting down with the celebrities of D20 Radio and beyond to get in three days of some damn good games.  I, sadly, am not there. Finances being what they are I could only squeeze in one trip this year, so I've elected to go to GenCon.

I shall endeavor to attend next year's GNC, however.

This subject did get me on to thinking about what I want to do at GenCon.  I've heard that some of the best games and experiences happened at pick-up games.   I want to write a con module I can run out there, maybe two or three times.  At least once for the Order 66 guys.  For the life of me, I was having a hard time figuring out what to write.  What to focus the story on.

Tonight it hit me.  A potentially fun theme, especially those fans of Bioware games.   I'm calling it "Welcome to the Big Leagues", a one-shot module where the pcs are drawn from the companion characters  of Star Wars The Old Republic. 

This will give me a subject to write about in the coming months, as I develop the character stats and module.  I can share certain details with my readers,  but there are a couple things I want to keep to myself (like, the plot).

It should be fun to develop and share,  and hopefully fun for you all to read along with.

Final note: I'm writing this post with my tablet just before bed, because I wanted to maje sure this idea doesn’t fade away.  It's also why its a short post, and lacking my usual imagry.  My next pist should be full of more detail and pictures for you to enjoy.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Well....duh! So obvious. :) Seriously though, Phil, brilliant idea.