Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pot-Luck Update

Ever have one of those weeks when you find yourself juggling many things all at once?  I'm in the middle of one of those weeks now.  Allow me to elaborate.
  • Got a super-sekrit writing project with Fiddleback from the D20 Radio Forums
  • Got another super-sekrit project I'm working on for April
  • I've come up with a plotline idea for my Another Longshot campaign's series of preludes
  • I'm waiting for a closer weather report to see if I'm wearing the Scout or Commander Fil in this year's South Boston St. Patrick's Day parade. 
  • I got interviewed on Tuesday by a Boston Globe writer along with several other members of the local 501st and Rebel Legions. 
  • I might have a Fragments from the Rim piece to record if the boys are taping the Order 66 Podcast this Sunday. 
  • I definitely have an episode of All Wings Report In that I'm taping this Saturday, and for that I've sent out a bunch of emails with requests for interviews.
  • Oh, and I'm supposed to write something here, that's vaguely Star Wars-y. 
I'm swamped!


Jedi Consulars

Alas, poor Jedi Batlemaster.  I hardly finished yee...
I have to write about a project that's been in the works on and off again fro over a year now.  Many readers may remember that I've been trying to do the costume from the Jedi Consular video.  Sometime between August and now, a box that contained the skirt and blue inner robe has gone missing.  The plan is to tear the house apart this week to try and find it.  I'm skeptical, as I feel we've already looked everywhere it could be.  The Girl is more optimistic, saying "It has to be somewhere".  My fear is that it got taken by someone else by accident at a build day that occurred in September, or worse; left at the in-laws and was thrown out.

Half of what you see here? Gone. 
Photo taken in June of 2012

Honestly, if the skirt and robe can't be found, I'm thinking about killing the project.  I've just lost momentum at this point.  It had so many deadlines that came and went last year; Pax East, Boston ComicCon, Granite State ComicCon, Celebration VI.  I'm a little fed up, frustrated, and just get reminded of missed opportunities when I look at the outfit.  I also look at the work done and feel that it could be better.  I hate the sandals and leg wraps I did, the arm wraps aren't dark enough so they blend in with the shirtsleeves.

 Maybe I'm just getting over critical because the project is late and over budget, and now we may have to rebuild the most tricky and annoying part; the skirt.  The Girl poured 15 hours of work into the bottom hem, embroidering in 26 runes 6" high in Mylar thread.  We blew through...10 spools of the thread?  At $5 each?  And now we may have to do that again, never mind the cost of materials for the skirt and inner robe?  And all those runes we did on the hem of the inner robe have to be done again as well.  Fun.

Yeah, getting snarky and frustrated and put off by the whole thing.  So I don't know, maybe the box will turn up.  Maybe it won't and I kill the project.  Maybe we'll keep it going, given what we have still going right now.


New Beginnnings

The one calming, happy thing that occurred last Thursday (which was why I posted last week's update on Wednesday0 is I married my sweetheart of eight and a half years.  It was a small ceremony, mostly due to the fact that we blew all our wedding budget on home buying and home repairs last August.  We didn't want to wait another year, so we decided to just get married on a day we liked.  3/7/13 has a neat look to it, is easy to remember, so we took it.  Plus that means the first and second anniversaries fall on a Friday and Saturday, so a weekend of marital debauchery can abound!


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