Friday, May 13, 2011

Episode 73: Guardian Spirit

Good Day!  This is Darth GM with the 73rd installment of Fragments from the Rim.

With the most recent episode of the Clone Wars, as well as a talent choice by one of my PCs, I decided to take another look at what many would consider a wasted talent.  The talent can be found on pg 16 of the Jedi Academy Training Manual, and it is the main talent of the Guardian Spirit Talent Tree.  I’m talking about, of course, the Guardian Spirit talent.

When you take this talent, a Force spirit is watching over you from the realm of the Force, able to provide insight and advice.  When you use the Search your Feelings aspect of the UtF skill, you can instead choose to consult your Guardian Spirit.  When you do so, you learn much more than simply if the action is favorable or unfavorable, you also learn the nature of any immediate consequences, including potential encounters, and whether or not certain actions will bring you closer to your destiny.

Additionally, you gain one bonus Force point each day (after you rest for at least 6 hours).  This Force point can only be used to improve a Force power or activate a Force Technique or Force Secret.

The presence of a Guardian spirit in your game is usually one that should be worked out with your GM, not only because it causes the GM to have an NPC Force Spirit for your character to converse with, but because the application of this talent allows for more foreshadowing and information to be provided to the player in the form of conversation with the Force Spirit.

This talent presents an interesting option for information gathering.  You can converse with your Force Spirit about almost any action, and gleam it’s potential advantages and disadvantages.  Plus, the bonus Force point, while limited in its expenditure, can help out in situations where you might want to spend a Force point, but really don’t want to burn one of your precious few.  One example that leaps to mind is Vital Transfer, and spending a Force point to blow off the damage the Force User takes.  It also allows a Jedi Master with Force secrets more Force points to do some really powerful Force tricks, and underscores that you’re never too old for advice from those who have gone before you.

I’ll have to make some preparations for what the Force Spirit my PC will interact with will have to say, but I think this will make for some very interesting Role Playing Encounters.

We have come to the end of another Fragments, young padawans.  Until next time this is Darth GM wishing you the 20 side up, and the 1 side down.

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