Friday, May 13, 2011

Episode 72: Synchronized Fire and Squadron Maneuvers

Good day, Gamer Nation!  This is DarthGM with the 72nd installment of Fragments from the Rim.

Gonna be putting on my Squadron Commander hat for this one, folks.  It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of space battles.  I’ve talked about the X-Wing vs Tie Fighter games, and how I try to incorporate space combat into as many Star Wars Campaigns as I reasonably can.  One scene I’ve always liked about Star Wars space battles is watching nimble snubfighters harass and even threaten frigates and cruisers.  There’s a real sense of accomplishment when you’re a David taking down a Goliath.

Saga Edition provides several highly useful talents available to Ace Pilots that allow starfighters to do something almost unheard of; threaten capital ships.  It also allows us to recreate one of my favorite tricks that Rogue Squadron  would pull in Michael Stackpole’s X-Wing books.

First, take Synchronized Fire from pg 17 of Starships of the Galaxy.  This talent allows two characters to time their next attack so they land at the same time, adding the damage together before applying Shields and Damage Reduction.  You have to have the Ace Pilot talent Expert Gunner to take thi, and it can only be used once per encounter by the character with the talent.  Next, take the Squadron Maneuvers talent from pg 18; this talent allows you to share any Ace Pilot talent with every other member in your Squadron (a squadron is defined as a maximum number of ships equal to your CHA bonus + your Ace Pilot level).  Every fighter in your squadron now has the Synchronized Fire talent, and can double team the opposing capital ship.  It says you can only use Synchronized Fire once per encounter, but you can use it yourself one round, and then the next round be the “other character” that someone else with Synchronized Fire teams up with.  Get your average PC party of 4-6 together, and your torpedoes are punching through shields and armor.

You might not take out a Star Destoryer with this tactic alone, but you’ll put the fear ito most cruisers, and stand a very good chance of destroying most Frigates.

Now, this combo works best in a game were the majority, if not all, of your players are flying their own ships.  You also need to at least be level 12 to have all three of these talents.  But what if you’re not rolling with level 12 characters and want to pull this off?  Gamemasters, simply introduce a squadron leader or veteran pilot NPC with these talents, and have them grant Synchronized Fire to your players.  Then, even level 4 and 5 heroes can enjoy the dangers and glory of putting the hurt on capital ships.

Time to break formation and head for home, Gamer Nation.  Until next time this is "Commander Fil" saying 20 side up, 1 side down.

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