Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Longshot

First off, the "help Phil buy a Wacom tablet for his birthday" Paypal button is only active for another week and a half. I will find the tablet very useful for an upcoming project that not only will benefit my PCs, but hopefully the greater Star Wars Gamer Nation at large.

I'm starting the development of my next campaign; Another Longshot. I ran a Star Wars campaign several years back using the Revised Core Rules of the Star Wars RPG. The premise was something between "The Hunt for Red October" and "Battlestar Galactica".

In short, the PCs were all fighter pilots working for the Rebel Alliance. The Alliance had a plan to steal a Venator Star Destroyer from an Imperial Boneyard, refurbish it, and use it as a symbol of the Alliance and the Old Republic. The mission was dubbed "Operation: Longshot" because the resources they could commit to it were barely enough to accomplish the task. The enire operation was fraught with bad luck and sabotage, but after 14 months of limping on a back-up hyperdrive the PCs succeeded in bringing the old ship, renamed the Longshot, to Mon Calamari for recommissioning.

The campaign ended, in part because two of the PCs moved to Atlanta, GA, but mostly because it was designed to be a set story with a set ending. A sequel was possible, but not while one of the main PCs was in Georgia for the next four to five years.

Now, I find myself drawn back to the Longshot campaign from time to time. I think about it, it's execution, it's storylines. I think about the advances the Star Wars RPG has undergone since then; the arrival, run, and ending of the SAGA Edition line. I think about the creation of the Legacy Era, which incorporates all the fun and interesting elements from every Era that came before. And I think of a promise I made to myself to try and write a complete campaign, one with at least a couple adventures that could be considered "Publish Worthy" (or at least ePublish Worthy).

So I've started to get some ground work down on the sequel to the Longshot campaign. It will be a SAGA Edition campaign. It will take place in the Legacy Era, with Darth Krayt's Empire firmly in place. Where it goes from there will be something I'll be sharing with all of you as I develop. My goal is to share development ideas, map making design tips, tricks I find around the web to make this game not only fun but able to be run by other GMs.

So here we go again, Phil starts work on another campaign. I'm a little concerned about momentum and ability, but if there's any thing I'm going to write about that might actually make it in the end, I'm glad it's about the Longshot.

She's got a way of beating the odds.

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