Friday, March 25, 2011

"Birthday Wishes" or "Phil Wants to Wacom"

So I've had my eye on a Wacom Intuos4 computer tablet for quite some time now.  I'm an artist, sketchwork mostly, and I've wanted to use computer programs for artwork for some time.  The problem is my mousework blows, it looks horrible when I try to draw most anything with a mouse.  So, I end up drawing on paper scanning it in to the computer, and trying to manipulate it there. 

But back to the Wacom tablets, they've intrigued me for years, and now they're finally down to the price were I'd feel comfortable putting down some serious coin for them.  The problem is, like many folks out there, I have no coin.  I'm trying to get my credit down so I can get married and maybe a home in the next year or two, and don't have a lot of extra cash to put aside for electronics that really fall into the category of "Nice to Have".

But that doesn't stop me from coveting.  Greed and Gluttony are my Sins.  Such is life.

I posted about it in another blog, and one of my lovely friends said the following:

"I am a big fan of the whole "put up a PayPal button and see what happens" theory... :)" hey, what the heck, right?

Between now and April 15th I will be taking contributions to the "Get Phil a good Wacom for his Birthday" fund.  On the 15th I'll take the button down and transfer funds to my checking account so on my birthday a few days later I'll skip into Best Buy and pick up my new electronic piece of awesomeness.

Everything I get will go directly towards the price of an Intuos4 Medium tablet from Wacom.  With this I'll be able to dive into computer art, map making, and other computer artistic activities sure to get me into trouble with someone.

Donate a little, donate nothing, donate what you like. 

In any event, happy birthday to me, right?

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