Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Down and Out in Paragon City

After several aborted attempts, I'm finally making some headway on my City of Heroes theme for Genesys. For those who have forgotten, I've been working on a CoH theme for a couple months now. At first I was thinking of just using the Magic rules for Super Powers, but that ended up being too limiting. I've settled on a progressive power path or tree for each power in the game. It's going to be a long process, as each hero can have two super power sets (Primary and Secondary) and each Power Set is a 7-step build tree in and of itself. When this theme "launches", I might not be able to have all the "core" power sets done, but I'll at least have enough to play the game.

That being said, it's seemingly going well. I'm working on power sets for the 6 heroes who will be the PCs in the module I'm writing for GamernationCon 5. After that I will give it my all to map out the power sets for all archetypes as of "Issue 1" (the version of the game at game launch). The theme will be available to backers of the GNC 5 kickstarter first (which was in October), then made available to the public sometime in late 2018.

Here's a preview for all you Tankers out there...

Invulnerability (Primary Power Set)
  • Resist Physical Damage - Perform the Resist maneuver, character increases their Soak by 1 until the end of their next turn. If this power is active at the beginning of their turn, the character can maintain this power by spending 1 strain, which extends the effects of this power until the end of their next turn. Psionic damage ignores this increase to Soak.
  • Increase Strength (x3): Increase Soak gained from Resist Physical Damage by +1
  • Dull Pain - Spend a story point to heal an amount of wounds equal to character’s ranks in Power (a new skill)
  • Unyielding - Immune to Knockdown while Resist Physical Damage is in effect. Additionally; may spend 2 Strain as a maneuver to end any Disorient, Immobilize, or Stagger effects currently affecting the character.
  • Unstoppable - Once per encounter as an Incidental action, character can render themselves immune to Pierce and Breach effects for 2 turns. During this time they also ignore the effects of any Critical Injuries they have.
Energy Melee (Secondary Power Set)
  • Energy Punch - The character gains the following attack: Brawl, Damage +1, Range (Engaged), Crit 4, Disorient 1
  • Increase Strength (x2) - Energy Punch damage increased by +1
  • Increase Magnitude (x2) - Energy Punch Disorient increased by +1
  • Stun - Character may choose to add the Stunning Damage quality to Energy Punch.
  • Whirling Hands - Spend a maneuver to add Blast to next Energy Punch, with a rating equal to the character’s ranks in Power.


  1. Oh hell yes! I was starting to try and adapt City of Heroes into Genesys and you are already working on it! Good on ya! I wanted to try and bring my old Robot Mastermind/Dark Miasma character to life again. That or my Ninja Mastermind/Trap character.

  2. I envision Masterminds will be giving me the biggest nightmares as far as figuring out how they will work in Genesys.

    Fortunately for me, I'm focusing on CoH only at the moment... ;)

  3. Could you explain what the x2 and x3 mean behind the powers?

  4. So...what's the word on when this will be released to the public?