Thursday, January 28, 2016

Writing Pause - A Break in the Narrative

So, one of the things that's keeping me from continuing my "Force Awakens" re-writes is the amount of writing for other things I'm finding myself doing for the later half of January.

Last weekend I had my Group Besh run for Another Longshot, which went over pretty well. They're engrossed in an interesting bit of spycraft and political maneuvering all set to the backdrop of a "Motorcross" style speeder-bike race. We didn't actually get to the race last weekend, so we have plans to finish up the session on Super Bowl Sunday (since my Patriots lost, I'm not really concerned with a conflict anymore). I want to get it done because it looks like I won't be able to run that group again until April, at least.

This week, I'm writing like a fiend trying to finish up the session for Group Aurek (My "mostly Force Users" group). I had a severe case of writers block with the adventure until the group decided on what they wanted for a "Rebel Base" (a la the home base rules in Desperate Allies). They wanted a space station, I had ideas about something about two years ago and wrote it into the Hagen Sector, and it looks like the two could fit together nicely. Two words; space dungeon.

In addition to all this, we've got another episode of the Order 66 Podcast coming up this Sunday. This week, we're going over a "loved-at-first-glance, but-not-after-reading-it" Spec for our "Well Isn't That Special" segment; the Shadow from Force & Destiny. I want to contribute what I can to that discussion, but that means I have to block more time for writing and research.

Then there's Gamernation Con...are you going to Gamer Nation Con 2016?  I am; and I've got ideas for modules that I need to write, test, and prep for while I'm there. I'll be bringing The Guns of Nova Rain, my first "Knights of the Rebellion" module, but I also have the rough idea for a sequel and second module tentatively titled The Hunt for Bloodfall. Finally, there's this idea that I've had since November that I really need to get on paper and get out there, and since the theme of this year's GNC is the Post-Apocalypse, I'd be negligent not to write, develop, and bring my "Edge of the Fallout" module. Yup, Edge of the Empire in a pre-Fallout 4 setting. No title for the module yet, but I'm working on it.

Oh yeah, plus I've been sick all day, and haven't wanted to write much of anything.  Gah.

Gonna be a long and busy couple of days. What can you do?

More next week, I promise.

May the dice be with you.

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