Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to "The Rim"...

It's been an odd week, and a heck of a way to end my 38th trip around the Sun.  I had a weekend away with the wife, and have been going full tilt with projects, work, and prior obligations pretty much since last Thursday.  This has really prevented me from getting anything done on my GenCon Module.  Hopefully the next week will allow me to get another PC party written up.
Some of the distractions are annoying, some of them are awesome, and some of them were completly out of left field.  For example... 
Relief, Host
Last week I was offered the position of "Regular Guest Host" for the Order 66 Podcast.  I have already been doing my regular "Fragments from the Rim" bit for them since...seemingly forever.  Probably more like "Year Three" of the old Order 66 (when they covered Saga Edition).  I'd been a guest host a couple times, and it was a blast.  GM Dave is juggling a lot profesionally and personally, and the boys didn't want the show to suffer from a distracted host.  So now I'll be "philling in" (ba-dum crash) from time to time to help out when Dave isn't available.  It sounds like it may be quite often over the summer, but we'll see.
Personally, I'm thrilled.  After 4 years of my own podcasting between All-STOP, The Holocron 2.0, and All Wings Report In, I'm excited to get the chance to sit in with GM Chris and drop some Star Wars RPG Knowledge on the listening masses.  My first show, last Sunday, allowed me the chance to chat with Andrew Fisher, one of the main developers for the system over at Fantasy Flight Games.  It was a lovely discussion about the Explorer splatbook, Enter the Unknown, and a post-show chat about Marvel movies and video games.  My next show will be similar, currently scheduled for May 11, we'll be talking with Sam Stewart about Suns of Fortune, the book about the Corellia Sector.  (There's a discussion thread on the D20 radio boards for anyone who wants to submit questions.)
Oh, and I now have my own D20 Radio Email addy.  I can now be contacted through the show at  Questions, comments, feedback; send it.
Fragmented Fragments?
I guess the one downside to this is it sort of derails my plans for my in-character bit that shares the title of this blog.  I'm not really inclined to do both Fragments and guest host the same show.  It feels somewhat redundant, and possibly a little narcissistic.  I'd like to keep doing Fragments for the shows that I'm not on.  Maybe I should find my own back up; someone to fill in for Fragments while I'm doing the Guest Host thing. 
I may have an idea for that...hmmmm...
My Other Gig
Thank the Maker, it looks like All Wings Report In is finally going to get back on track.  Erich and I are supposed to record the next episode this weekend.  It'll be nice to get back on a regular schedule with that.  I really couldn't do the show without him, not the way the Legion deserved.  Thankfully, we've got a lot to talk about too.  All kinds of Star Wars and Legion stuff are coming up.  Should make for a good show.
Anyway, that's all I got this week, because I'm sort of out of time to write more.  Hope to have more "crunch" for next time.
May the Dice be with you!

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