Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Holiday Poem Disguised as a Blog Post

T'was the Thursday before Christmas
And while opening his blog,
Phil was wracking his brain
For a subject to log.
Gaming, or costumes,
or holiday woes?
He couldn't decide
So he settled on prose.
"He's done this before"
Some readers will tell,
Years back on a podcast
(It went over well...)
But that was long back,
This problem is now.
The "why" he should write
The "what" and the "how"
"It's the Holiday season,
I could write about that...
Of past Christmas presents
like the TIE and AT-AT."
But no, that's a cop out;
A big, lame excuse
To fill space in his blog
"It's just no use"
"I'm stuck in a rut
About a subject this time."
That would probably explain
Why he's stuck in this rhyme.
"Time to bust out
and get back on track.
To write more about gaming
and the costumes I lack."
"Malgus and Jedi
Of a Shadowy sort,
The Jedi's nigh-finished
before we had to abort."
"And then there's my dad
Our own Old Ben,
Who's looking to upgrade
His costume again."
"He also would like something
For the old 501st,
And thin out which costume
Screws his sight up the worst."
Guardsman, or Admiral
(Of the "Grand" persuasion)
Or his own Tusken Raider
For villainous occasion.
Phil smiled as he thought
Of the coming year's plan,
Of vacations, and conventions
And being his brother's Best Man.
"It'll all be here soon,
Just like this deadline.
Maybe more Jedi work
There's some points to refine."
"Like Jar'kai, or Twin Strike.
Wow, that was a mess.
How I could write that talent
Is anyone's guess."
"I think I'll change it
To a boost die for strain
To increase your dual attack.
...might not be a pain..."
"And Dono's comments
About a simpler Juyo.
'Just upgrade the attack
Like Ferocious, you know?'"
"Other than that,
it's about set and done.
No massive rewrite
Just play testing fun."
And he looked up and saw
The volume he wrote.
This long-verse poem
Instead of a note.
"Jeebus I ramble,
Look at this post.
I think I should close it
With a Holiday toast."
"Thank you for reading
And coming to my blog
And listening to my bit.
So raise your egg nog!"
"To family and friends,
On this cold winter season!
Because you're all awesome,
That's a good enough reason!"
"Keep on coming back
For more fun next year.
I'll post all about it,
Of this have no fear."
And as these things end,
In this season of white;
"Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!"

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