Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's Halloween kiddies, and since this blog is devoted to Star Wars gaming and Star Wars Costuming, I'd be remiss if I didn't devote today's blog to the half that I haven't talked about much lately.  I'm currently sitting at work in my Jedi Knight outfit, since my office is very "festive friendly" today.  It'll be interesting when I head to the Mall at lunch to get my weekly comics.  I doubt I'll change out of it. 

I had intended to write a blog post about my plans for Darth Malgus.  There's a nice gentleman in the prop-making community who's doing 3D printings of parts for my new favorite bald-headed Sith.  He's already got a re-breather kit finished, and is working on the arms and legs now.  He plans to produce the chest, shoulders, and biceps and offer it all in a kit.  First round of production is planned for January.

I was all over this.  It was going to be tight, financially, because I also wanted to go to GenCon this coming year and get the Force and Destiny beta rulebook...oh, and hang out with the Gamer Nation, but you know where my loyalties lie.

Sadly, I go some news today that put a shotgun blast to both of those plans.  There's been a death in the family; well, at least within the household.  My oil furnace.  We thought it was a $200 replacement part to fix, but come to find out there was a fire in the furnace where there wasn't supposed to be, and it fried a lot of the wiring.  It cannot be fixed, it must be replaced.  My repair bill just became a $2000 replacement fee.

I don't know where I'm going to find $2000; my credit is maxed and my savings are gone.  But that $2000 eats up any thoughts I had for Malgus or GenCon.  I can't justify either of them now.  My annual bonus?  Gone, right into the furnace (literally).  My tax return?  Now going to go to all the things I wanted my bonus to pay off so I could afford GenCon and Malgus.

I'm in a right funk right now.  But one step at a time, and my first priority right now is getting $2000 for the new furnace so I don't freeze in the wilds of New Hampshire.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

Oh, and if you could, kick Murphy in the balls for me when you see him next.  It'd be a big help.


  1. Ohh that sucks man. I own a really old house and I am fearing for things like that. Luckily we just had a hail storm that netted me a new roof and bathroom repair from the damage paid for by insurance. As a consolation I plan on attending Gencon this year and if possible I will pick you up a copy of Force and Destiny. On me. Can't help you with Malgus though :( - Crimson

  2. Man that blows.

    Since my plans still include GenCon 2014, I'd be willing to pick up a copy of the Force & Destiny Beta for you. Lemme know via PM on the d20 Radio boards if you're agreeable to this.