Thursday, September 12, 2013


Determined to get this blog back on track, I'm back with another Update Thursday!  I've been pretty scatterbrained lately, and I blame a giant heaping ball of stress that's taken over my life right now.  Sadly this monstrous anxiety ball has crept it's soul-sucking tendrils into many aspects of my life; marriage, creativity, work, attention span.

Yes, attention span. Right now I've got the focus of a 2 year old golden retriever after eating an entire bag of pixie sticks in a forest full of grey squirrels who have also eaten entire bags of pixie sticks.  I'm trying OH SO TRYING to get focus to do anything.  I'm forcing myself to get the first leg of my next Star Wars campaign off the ground.  Trying to get some practice and learn a thing or two about being a Tanker in Mechwarrior Online.  Trying not to mash up the Edge of the Empire system into a Mechwarrior campaign.


Opening Hands

The first part of getting out of Funkytown is getting a regular campaign under my belt.  The start of my Another Longshot campaign has been a subject in this blog for well over a year now.  I remember I was going to do updates to catalog the creation of my campaign, developing NPCs, locations, modules, set-pieces, and scenarios.  Well, that good intention fell by the wayside.

...I also just spent 5 minutes right now browsing the D20 Radio boards, and can't remember why I went there...

Where was I...oh, right.  Another Longshot, and more specifically getting another campaign going.  I need another bi-weekly game.  The last one I ran, Brothers In Arms, kept me focused.  It forced me to sit down and create for a game every other week, and let to some real good game sessions and experiences with my friends.

I need that again.  So, why not start it?

Just like my last weeknight game, I've got a mostly new group of PCs.  The PCs are all former members of an Imperial Stormtrooper Special Forces team during the Legacy Era.  They were framed for and convicted of a crime they didn't commit.   Still loyal to the true Emperor, but wanted by the ruling government, they survive in the Outer Rim as soldiers of fortune.  They are known as the "Wild Cards", because calling them the Aurek-Team would have been too blatant...

They're the prelude to Another Longshot.  It's also probable they may be the start of the Imperial segment of the campaign.  I'm in the character development stage, and hope to have my first weeknight session over Roll/20 the first week of October.


Gah, sorry.  My mind doesn't want to write anymore it seems.  Probably best to cut this short for a week, and try again next week.  Maybe I'll be in a better state of mind.

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