Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jedi Knight: APPROVED

Another post from an airport!  Maybe this time I’ll actually get it written and post this one.  Last time I tried this I was on my way to Disney with my wife and step-son…

…sorry, that kinda gets me now and then.  “Wife” and “Step-son”…heeheehee…

…anyway, so I wrote a post, didn’t finish, and didn’t post that week.  Disney takes a lot out of you, and I really didn’t have the time that week to finish up the post and get it up.  That was the end of February.  Today is different.  I’m off on an adventure, and it’s my birthday.  So my birthday gift is to write up a blog post for you all!

Jedi Knights

So my personal big-news of the week is that I finally have joined the ranks of the Knights of the Jedi Order; at least, the group with that title in the Rebel Legion.  My “Generic Jedi” was finished and photographed by my lovely wife.  I’d wanted to sew much of it myself, but once the project really started to get going, I knew that I would not be able to finish it in time nor be able to do it anywhere near as well as my wife could.

Generic is such a poor term for the costume.  I mean, sure; it’s not a “Face” character.  It’s a costume based on the pattern of outfit the Jedi wear, but with colors and styles that are unique and personal.  Many do the typical outfit; earth-tones in the brown spectrum.  But a large number do things differently; they use deep blues, or greens, or crimson and maroon shades of red.  They use more interesting, subtle tones, and include embroidery or graphics printing in their costume.  This is where I wanted to take my Jedi.

I’m glad the Preacher boots worked out.  I love the pouches Nick Perry from R.H.Mardigan made for me.  I’m thankful that my Jedi Food Capsules arrived in time to submit for approval.  I’m glad the covtech knob on my lightsaber is just far enough to one end that the lightsaber hangs tip down (I was worried it would be centered, and more likely to spin in the clip-mount like a propeller).

Join the Jedi Council?

So what does being a “member” of the Knights of the Jedi Order mean, as far as the Rebel Legion is concerned?  It means I can get the exclusive KJO swag, for one.  (They’ve got a neat 5-year Anniversary  Challenge Coin in gold that I’m drooling over. )  It means that I can be nominated for Detachment Leader at election time.  It means I get to be in the KJO photo shoot at the next Celebration, assuming I bring my Jedi (here’s a hint; yes, I’ll be bringing my Jedi to C7).  I think it also means I could become a Jedi Costume Judge, if my interests lie in that area.

Regardless of what I want to do with it, I’m happy to have a finished Jedi, to be a Jedi Knight, and to have yet another “Legion Approved” costume in my closet.

It's Called A "Cliffhanger"

I mentioned I was at the airport, and on an adventure for my birthday.  Actually, I hope to make a few adventures this weekend.  What am I talking about, and where am I going?  I can't tell you this week, but I promise a couple interesting tales next Thursday...

...well, they'll be interesting to ME, I hope you'll enjoy reading about them too...

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