Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rifts: Setting Goals

I need a plan of attack, or at least a series of milestones to get the game to 1.0 release.  So here's where things are as far as the conversion goes.  As items are completed I can update my "Core Rulebook" and advance the version along.  This will also give me an idea of all the things I want to have in the game, and what still needs doing.

I picked a number out of a hat and said I was on the 0.5 release of the Rulebook.  Upon further review, I'm more likely on the 0.3 version of the rulebook, but very close to moving up the series.

The Dream List

  • Minor tweaking and balance fixes
  • Stretch goal-Dragons
Backgrounds (Stretch Goal)
  • Decide if I want to use them
    • Would likely grant a +2 circumstance bonus to certain skill checks in certain situations
  • Military, celebrity, healer, city rat, doctor, scholar, etc.
  • First pass done
  • Tweak and balance fix
  • Determine Final Bonus Feat Lists
  • Determine Final Talent Tree Lists
  • Minor tweaking and balance fixes
  • Determine final feat list
  • Determine “OCC” talent locations
  • Determine what “other book” talents to include as Core Talents
  • Minor tweaking and balance fixes
Heroic Adventure
  • Rules for Action Points
    • Decide if I want to re-name Action Points
  • Stretch Goal - Rules for Destiny Points
    • Decide if I want to use Destinies or some other mechanic
  • Determine effect of “Taxing”
  • Increase ranges of spells
  • See what “Rifts Core” spells are missing and need inclusion
  • Review Magical Techniques
  • Review Magical Secrets
  • Review Magical Talents
  • Balance and Fix spells
  • Stretch Goal - Rules for Ritual Magic and Learning Spells
  • See what "Rifts Core" powers are missing
  • Review Psionic Techniques
  • Review Psionic Secrets
  • Review Psionic Talents
  • Balance and fix psionics
  • Basic write-ups for all weapon classes
  • Explosives
  • TW Weapons
  • Armor Tables
    • Armor Write Ups
  • Equipment lists
    • Equipment Write ups
    • TW Equipment
  • Stretch Goal - Decide if I want to use Templates (KoTOR CG style)
  • Finish Cybernetics list
  • Finish Bionics list
  • Write-up rules (or rules reference)
  • Stat-blocks for all vehicles
    • Rifts Core 
    • Sourcebook One
    • Stretch Goal - some TW vehicles
Prestige Classes
  • Decide what Prestige classes to use
    • SWSE Core
    • SWSE Supplements
    • Legends
    • Decide if any need to be made from scratch
    • Tweak and modify to fit into Rifts Earth
Gamemastering (Stretch Goal)
  • References to Skill Challenges
  • Hazards
    • design Rifts-specific hazards
Allies and Adversaries
  • Write ups for Monsters
    • Neuron Beasts
    • Brodkil Demons
    • Elementals
    • Gargoyles
    • Dragons
    • Black Fairies
    • Witchlings
    • Rhino-bulls
    • Splugorth Slavers
    • Xiticix
  • Write-Ups for NPCs
    • Coalition Soldiers
      • Grunt
      • Officer
      • SAMAS/RPA Pilot
      • Officer
      • Psi-Stalker
      • Dog Boy
    • Mages
      • Generic spellcaster
    • Psychics
      • Generic Psychic
    • Cyborgs
    • Juicers
    • Mercs
      • Infantry
      • RPA Pilot
    • Cyber-Docs
    • Thugs
    • Simivan Raiders
    • Shemmerian Warriors

...wow, that's quite a list.  And here's a breakdown of what my version goals are.

Version 1.1: All Goals Met
Version 1.0: All Goals Met (except Stretch Goals)
Version 0.9: Allies and Adversaries complete
Version 0.8: Vehicle Chapter compelte
Version 0.7: Equipment & Cybernetics Chapter complete
Version 0.6: Magic and Psionics complete
Version 0.5: Talents, Feats, and Skills complete
Version 0.4: Races, Archetypes, Classes, and Heroic Adventure complete
Version 0.3: Current Version.

Time to get working on Races, Archetypes and Classes.  They need to get finished and put to bed.

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