Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Episode 60: Force Harmony

Back again with episode 60 of Fragments from the Rim, I’m DarthGM.

Today I’m going to talk about a talent I just happened to pick up for one of my characters, but didn’t quite realize how useful it was until recently.  That talent is Force Harmony, found on page 16 of the Jedi Academy Training Manual.  "Once per encounter Force Harmony allows you to activate a talent that requires a Force Point to use without spending a Force Point."

The original reason I picked up the talent was for Force Point conservation; I’m playing a Jedi, and I’ve got a couple talents now that use Force Points.  With the limited number of times someone can take Force Point Recovery (that being “once”), this just seemed like a good talent to take to allow me to stretch out the number of times I can use my Force Point abilities for any given level.

The other day I realized the talent had another very useful benefit.  Unless the specific talent says so, you are still limited in the number of Force points you can spend in a round.  This means if you have two talents that require Force Points to activate, you can only activate one of them that round.  Or if you have a reactionary talent that requires a Force Point, like the talent Channel Energy (also from JATM), you can’t use that talent as a response to an attack if you spent a Force Point during your normal turn.  Force Harmony will allow you to circumvent that restriction, because you’re activating the talent that requires a Force Point without spending a Force Point.

It was a nice surprise to realize as I was looking through the books.

That’s it for this week.  Next time I promise to review something not from JATM.  Until next time, Gamer Nation; 20-side up, 1-side down.

Originally aired on the Order 66 Podcast Episode 114 "It's All About the Celebration!"

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